In third-world countries, unless you have basic supplies such as a clean razor, plastic sheet, and cotton thread, no hospital will admit you to give birth. As a result, most women end up giving birth at home, alone, on a dirt floor.

At The Lulu Tree, this breaks our heart. We long to provide a compassionate place where vulnerable women can come give birth.

We’re delighted to announce that as of Winter 2018, a birthing / medical clinic will be under construction in Massagalie, Sierra Leone. And upon its completion, the Sierra Leone government will provide staff and supplies. Following are the details of the clinic which will cost $25,000 to build:
(1) A birthing room
(2) A female ward
(3) A male ward
(4) WFP Room for food items
(5) HIV Room
(6) Office space
(7) Drug store
(8) A dressing room or surgical ward.
(9) Two room apartment for two nurses
(10) A hallway for patients in the same building.

To help us to build the clinic, please go HERE. To learn more about our passion for providing compassionate care for pregnant women through mama kits, please go HERE. To discover other ways of assisting pregnant mothers, please download the following catalog, HERE.