In third-world countries, unless you have basic supplies such as a clean razor, plastic sheet, and cotton thread, no hospital will admit you to give birth. As a result, most women end up giving birth at home, alone, on a dirt floor.

At The Lulu Tree, this breaks our heart. Our desire is to open up birthing rooms wherever the Lord allows us, and to employ national midwives and nurses who can offer compassionate, affordable care to the poorest of the poor.

We’re delighted to announce that the first of these birthing rooms will be built in Sierra Leone, under the supervision of Pastor Sonnel Kamara and Pastor Ezekiel Kabbesessay, and Nurse /Midwife Elizabeth Tuiey. Construction will begin Fall of 2017.

To help us build birthing rooms in other parts of Africa, or to stock our current birthing rooms with basic birthing supplies, please go HERE. To learn more about our passion for providing compassionate care for pregnant women through mama kits, please go HERE.