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Where Your Funds are Going

All funds received through the Canadian charity are kept separate from American donations. Canadian donations are used to fulfill the Lulu Tree’s charitable purposes of poverty relief and advancement of education and religion through the REACH Program which equips villages, pastors, single mothers and farmers in both Uganda and Sierra Leone. Monthly partnerships and individual requests will be honored as requested.

Our Purpose:
a) to establish and operate programs and facilities that will provide poor and needy people, primarily women, with the skills, training, supplies and means to become self-sufficient;
b) to provide basic necessities of life such as food, clothing, shelter and medical treatment to poor and needy people;
c) to establish, operate and provide micro-financial programs and related services for the poor and needy;
d) to establish and operate (maternal and child-rearing) programs and do activities that promote and enhance the quality of life (health) and enable and empower persons;
e) to administer, invest and disburse funds and property for the attainment of the objects of the Society.

Activities In Support of Purpose:

• Promote health by hosting prenatal classes, breastfeeding classes and mama kit outreaches in neighboring villages. These kits consist of items that mothers are required to bring with them to the hospital, without which mothers are refused care.
• Advance religion by providing Biblical training for community (pastoral) leaders through a local program called Truth Centered Training. In this way, they can train their villagers to equip themselves and work toward self-sustainability.
• Relieve poverty by providing business loans and micro-investments through the REACH program for pastors and single mothers in the villages.
• Advance education by developing community agriculture through a local training course called Farming God’s Way. Rather than provide monthly subsidies or daily meals, we are working towards developing community agriculture and farming. In so doing, we equip long-term by providing training and tools with which to do it themselves.

For more info, please email us at To learn more about our commitment to financial integrity, go here.