Mosques can be found in nearly every village in Sierra Leone, but evangelical churches are rare. Out of desperation, many believers find themselves in a mosque simply because they long for fellowship and have no other option. Will you give them another option?

The Vision
For the global church to be a bright light, drawing many to Christ through the generosity and kindness of its people. For the church in Africa to be given the chance to shine through sustainable projects and training. For pastors in Africa to be encouraged in their calling to the poorest of the poor.

The Need
The church in Africa often lacks basic, foundational items such as:

  •  A pastor trained in the Word, as well as in counseling, preaching, evangelizing, and handling the administration of the church’s assets
  • Financial support for the pastor and his family, until the pastor is able to support his family through farming, livestock, or business
  • A sound church structure, which is vital for safety, meetings, centralizing the church, and providing a “church home” for the people
  • Financial stability for church members so they can thrive, tithe, and ultimately allow the church to do community outreach
  • Training for the congregation and village in Biblical studies, hygiene, nutrition, business, and agriculture

How You Can Help
As an individual or a church, we invite you to join our program by:

  • Sponsoring a cell group leader as he reads the Bible once a week to Christians in his village and engages them in Bible Study ~ $15/month
  • Building a church in a remote village ~ $2,000
  • Training a pastor through a six-month pastoral ministry program called GEM Ministries ~ $200
  • Partnering with a pastor for 2 years by donating $100/month: $65 to cover his monthly expenses and $35 to invest into livestock or agriculture equipping him to sustain himself and his family
  • Partnering with a congregation by giving a one-time $250 micro-loan or gifts of agriculture or livestock to be distributed amongst vulnerable families
  • Partnering with a village by providing $50/month for training through local leaders in nutrition, hygiene, business management, jewelry-making, parenting and farming

Partner Monthly with Church Planting

Partner Monthly with Cell Group Leaders

Donate One-Time