What’s In a Mama Kit?

* 2 metre (1.25 yard) piece of plastic sheet for pregnant woman to lie on during labour
* ½ metre (½ yard) plastic sheet to provide a clean surface for items being used
* 2 pairs of surgical gloves to prevent bacterial infection and HIV
* 1 bar of soap for washing hands
* 1 roll of cotton
* 2 new razor blades to cut the umbilical cord (We recommend wrapping the sharp
edges with duct tape for your own safety and for those in Uganda who will open
your kit)
* two pieces of cotton thread or tape for tying the cord
* 2 packs of gauze for cleaning the baby’s eyes
* packet of at least 8 sanitary pads for the mother
* 1 Suction bulb to clean baby’s airway
* a brand-new baby sheet or swaddling blanket for the baby to be wrapped up in
(it is not uncommon to have nothing to wrap the baby in- or to use a dirty shirt
from a husband or family member)

How You Can Get Involved


The most efficient and economical way to help us provide for the Lulu Mama Kit ministry is to directly donate funds. There are numerous reasons we mention this:

*Shipping to Uganda or Sierra Leone can be complicated – A customs form is required for all shipments and all contents are required to be included on the form. Any mistake can result in the package being rejected

*Shipping to Uganda or SL is expensive – The cost is generally $10 per pound. Packed well, 8-10 kits can fit in one medium box and the cost will be $150-200. Just to put that in perspective, a kit costs $6 to make in country; that’s 25-30 kits that could be purchased and many mothers helped for the cost of shipping the box.

*All the items required are available in Uganda and SL. When we purchase locally, we help the local economy.

*Our Lulu family in Uganda and SL loves to gather together and pray as they assemble the Mama Kits. It is their way of sharing the love of God with their community.

However, we understand the desire to be involved hands-on. If your church or women’s group would still like to package mama kits, the only thing we ask is that you also ship them to our Lulu families.

To learn more about how to ship the kits, please contact Stephanie@thelulutree.com.

For other creative ways to supply mama kits and/or help The Lulu Tree hands-on, please go HERE.

To purchase a mama kit ($6 USD) assembled by our team in Uganda, go HERE.