What’s In a Mama Kit?

* 2 metre (1.25 yard) piece of plastic sheet for pregnant woman to lie on during labour
* ½ metre (½ yard) plastic sheet to provide a clean surface for items being used
* 2 pairs of surgical gloves to prevent bacterial infection and HIV
* 1 bar of soap for washing hands
* 1 roll of cotton
* 2 new razor blades to cut the umbilical cord (We recommend wrapping the sharp
edges with duct tape for your own safety and for those in Uganda who will open
your kit)
* two pieces of cotton thread or tape for tying the cord
* 2 packs of gauze for cleaning the baby’s eyes
* packet of at least 8 sanitary pads for the mother
* 1 Suction bulb to clean baby’s airway
* a brand-new baby sheet or swaddling blanket for the baby to be wrapped up in
(it is not uncommon to have nothing to wrap the baby in- or to use a dirty shirt
from a husband or family member)

How Can You Get Involved?

While we encourage people to give financially as every single product in a mama kit is available on the ground in Uganda and Sierra Leone, we understand the desire to be involved hands-on. If your church or women’s group would like to gather together to package mama kits, the only thing we ask is that you also ship the kits to our Lulu families.

Here are some other ideas for hands-on ways to give:

*collect change in a baby bottle for 9 months to donate towards mama kits

*host a “diaper and donation” night in which women gather to bring one cloth diaper and a donation towards mama kits

*make baby blankets for our Lulu mamas

*sew female hygiene kits for our mamas

*host a movie night with Queen of Katwe (where our mission was founded) and charge “admission” which can then be donated towards mama kits or hygiene kits

*create simple sewing kits for our mothers

For more info on the above, please contact emily@thelulutree.com. 

To purchase a mama kit ($6 USD) assembled by our team in Uganda, go HERE.