Our pastors are fathers, trainers and disciplers.

We believe in the local church, and desire to give it credibility so it earns the right to speak into the lives of its people. In return for us supplying micro-investments for our pastors, to build up their small businesses and allow them to feed their own children, they volunteer with The Lulu Tree, discipling and teaching our teen mamas, running micro-loan programs for single mothers in their churches, and training colleagues every six months through the Truth Centered Training program — a program which is equipping them to be completely reliant on and self-sufficient through the Word of God.

Below are some of the pastors we’re honored to partner with…


Pastor Peter and Mommy Robinah2

To learn about Pastor Peter and his wife Robinah, please go here

Pastor Richard and Mommy Mary

To learn about Pastor Richard and his wife, Mary, please go here

Pastor Samuel and Jennifer

To learn about Pastor Samuel and his wife, Jennifer, please go here

Pastor Steven and Mommy Irene2

To learn about Pastor Steven and his wife, Irene, please go here

Pastor Soka and Mommy Annette

To learn about Pastor Grace or his wife Annette, please go here.

Pastor David and Prossy

To learn about Pastor David and his wife, Prossy, please go here

To partner with a pastor, please go HERE or download the following catalog HERE.