The Lulu Tree is passionate about partnering with evangelical pastors across Africa who have a heart for their people. These are men who have laid down their lives for their own people, and long to help them, yet have no means to do so.

We delight in coming alongside them and giving them a hand up by providing micro-investments for their businesses, business training, prayer and scriptural training, and microloan programs for their congregations.

Additionally, every six months our Uganda pastors are engaged in Truth Centered Transformation training — a Bible-based program which has brought over 500 communities out of poverty. Meanwhile our Sierra Leone pastors are discipled under National Director Pastor Sonnel Kamara and GEM Ministries, a national ministry dedicated to equipping its own people in Biblical training.

We want to see these shepherds able to care for their own families so they can, in turn, have the respect and trust of their community. See below for specific examples of how we seek to equip these humble men of God:

 Caring for Pastors

Many of the men we partner with in Uganda, Sierra Leone and South Sudan have received limited to no training yet have received a clear calling from the Holy Spirit to serve as pastors in their communities. We seek to develop their calling through monthly prayer clinics, business training for the micro-investments we give them, providing Bibles and devotional resources, as well as offering pastoral training through local ministries.

 Caring for Pastors’ Families

While the pastors we’ve had the privilege of meeting long to meet the needs of their congregations, they often can’t even feed their own children or send them to school. Prior to helping them help their congregations, we assist these pastors through a micro-investment — that is, we provide capital for their small businesses, whether it be agriculture, business, or other, in order to help them supply for their loved ones.

In Sierra Leone, we’re honored to partner with Pastor Ezekiel, among others (seen above with Pastor Sonnel Kamara, National Director for Sierra Leone); The Lulu Tree helped Ezekiel build a house which he and his wife are now using to care for village orphans. He is also receiving a two-year stipend, a percentage of which he puts towards a business (ie. the seed crop below) which after 24 months will hopefully sustain him and his family.

Pastor Anthony, seen here with Lulu Uganda National Director Mommy Esther, is receiving a micro-investment which assists him in caring for his side-business of raising livestock (see below).

In South Sudan, we are partnering with Pastor Santos (far right), the first pastor to found a church in the refugee camps in Adjumani. We are helping him to restore his church (destroyed in a windstorm), as well as supplying Bibles for cell group ministry and resources for crusades, in addition to working with him to assist other churches both in the camps and in South Sudan.

 Caring for Congregations & Communities

Once the pastor’s family has been equipped through a micro-investment, he’s then able to care for his congregation — as his own life is a testimony to the Lord’s provision and care, this often provides him with the respect needed to care for his church. See below for examples on how pastors are equipping their congregations in various countries.

This pastor in a Sierra Leone village is handing out Bibles to a very eager congregation. Often it’s only the pastor who has a copy of the Word, and even then it’s ordinarily very tattered.

Note the new Bibles given on the left, and the worn ones on the right.

Pastor Sonnel Kamara offers business training in Sierra Leone for women from 12 different village congregations.

Pastor Santos (far left) heads up a tailoring and hairdressing program that provides training for women from various tribal congregations in South Sudanese camps.

In Uganda pastors oversee mama kit outreaches, supplying vulnerable mothers both with life-saving delivery kits and the gospel message.

Pastors in Uganda also reach out to their congregations by offering microloans to single mothers and widows, as well as running jajja or grannie fellowships (above), and children’s outreaches in the slums (see below).

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