The Lulu Tree prevents tomorrow’s orphans by equipping today’s families through the local church — which means training up pastors and children’s ministers in the local church.




  • Truth Centered Transformation Training in Uganda


Caring for Pastors

Many of the pastors we partner with in Africa have received limited to no training yet have received a clear calling from the Holy Spirit to serve their communities. We seek to develop this calling through monthly prayer clinics, business training for the micro-investments we give them, provision of Bibles and devotional resources, as well as pastoral training through local ministries such as Truth Centered Transformation training.

Caring for Pastors’ Families

While the pastors we’ve met long to meet the needs of their congregations, they often can’t even feed their own children or send them to school. Prior to helping them help their congregations, we assist these pastors personally through micro-investments — that is, we provide capital for their small businesses, whether it be agriculture, business, or other, in order to help them supply for their loved ones.

Caring for Congregations & Communities:

Once the pastor’s family has been equipped through a micro-investment, he’s then able to care for his congregation — his own life now serving as a testimony to the Lord’s provision and care. See images above for examples on how pastors are equipping their congregations in various countries.












In countries where food and school fees are scarce, children are largely seen and not heard — often passed over as nuisances. But God has raised up a young man named Joel Lutaaya, a man raised by his grandmother, whose heart for children is so big he’s spent his life caring for them using his own resources, out of his own home, teaching them every Saturday out of the Word.

Now he works for The Lulu Tree, and together with his team, including worship leader Daniel Kasule and children’s minister Shaban Kibirige, travels throughout the slums and villages raising up children’s ministers in the churches who are passionate about God’s favorite people — the little ones most of the world ignores.

In addition to training up ministers, Joel, Daniel and Shaban put on children’s outreaches, demonstrating to the church leaders what it looks like to pour into these young ones through exciting Bible stories, food, balloons, dancing, and worship. And every month children’s names are written in the Book of Life as they witness the love of Abba, and their parents are drawn to church, giving their lives to a Father they are receiving through their own children.





“If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”

~2 Chronicles 7:14

For years now, one of the biggest ways our Lulu teams have taught pastors and mamas to care for their families is simply through the art of prayer.




Once a month our Lulu family in Uganda gathers mothers and fathers together to teach them how to pray, to intercede for their children, their jobs, their farms, their villages, their churches, their country and their continent. Then they practice what they’ve been taught — they call on Jehovah, and they experience miracle after miracle because of it. The poorest of the poor gathered together, interceding together, for one another (most recently, gathered in our School of Hope classrooms, some needing to stand outside for lack of room; in the near future they’ll gather in our Lulu Study/Worship Hall).

And God hears, and He answers — through backs and legs and eyes being healed and babies being turned and delivered safely and provision being made through work and employment and churches being blessed by respect from the villages — God answers. When we call upon Him, He hears.

Currently these prayer clinics don’t provide meals for those gathered but it is our hope and prayer that we would be able to sustain those who gather monthly, as many of them walk, sometimes up to 14 kilometers, and then back home again.

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