Farm Equipment


These funds will allow a village to overcome the famine season by providing the necessary equipment for sustainable farming.

Many areas in Africa have excellent soil, but without the proper farm equipment it is nearly impossible to produce enough crops to feed a village…much less have an excess to store for times of famine. Villagers are often not able to eat more than one small meal a day, and without enough protein to sustain the hard work of tilling fields and threshing by hand hunger becomes a vicious cycle.

Provide a village with tools that will revolutionize their farming practices, and equip them with the means to rise from living hand-to-mouth to being able to set aside food that will sustain them long after the crops have been harvested. Once a village establishes a surplus, they can sell, trade, and share with other villages–providing income that will pay for other needed items. Equipping a village with farm equipment is a major step towards turning the downward cycle of poverty upside-down!

The Lulu Tree partners with Farming God's Way, an organization that teaches locally sustainable, Biblically-based farming practices. Villagers will be trained in use and maintenance of farm equipment as well as stewardship and area-specific techniques. Farming equipment can completely revolutionize first a village, and then an entire region! See the video below, as the first Lulu Tree tractor arrives in Sierra Leone.




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