School Fees for an Orphan


Send an orphan to school for one term (full year is $100).

School fees are an unfortunate reality in Africa, and many families simply can’t afford to give their children an education. In the case of orphans, they are dependant on outside help for these fees. Sending an orphan s to school is an important way to break the cycle of poverty and prevent orphans in the future, as a child who is well educated can grow into an adult who can take care of his or her family.

In Sierra Leone, orphans with no extended family or close friends live as a family in the Bethel Home with Pastor Sonnel and Mommy Christiana. The Lulu Tree encourages villages to look after orphans whenever possible, stepping in when parents cannot. Families who take in orphans from extended family or neighbors are supported by The Lulu Tree, equipping them with what they need to be self-sufficient and have the means to take on an additional child. In this way, children can stay in familiar surroundings and villages are strengthened. Both orphans from the village and those living in Bethel Home need assistance with school fees.









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