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Soap machine (for the women in the village to make their own soap): $500


School supplies for 200 children in the village (providing 6 exercise books, 2-3 pencils, crayons, sharpeners, rulers and erasers for each child): $375

School toilet (to replace the dirt pit they’re using): $523

A 070 Chain Saw for the village which allows them to plank and saw boards to make their own school benches (right now, 5 children squeeze onto one bench): $1,140

Feeding program for a village school {$20/school day or $400/month for 200 school children (because we will be supplementing with our own Lulu Farm rice)}: $4,000/year


Used tractor for Lulu Farms in SL and UG: $4,000 plus shipment

Used thresher: $2,600

Seeds (millet, rice, cassava): $250

Cassava machine (to make many different dishes of cassava grown on the farm, to sustain Lulu families): $500

A storage building for grain (2,000 cement blocks): $3,000

Goats ($40), chickens ($6) for the Lulu Farms


Provide Bibles, upkeep for a church, & Biblical training for a year: $300

Provide food, school fees & shelter for a pastor and his family for a year: $600

Provide a weekly children’s fellowship plus meal for a year: $1,300


Used clothing for a village {4 bales for the adults ($400 or $100/bale),
4 bales for teens ($400 or $100/bale), and 1 bale ($130) for the children}: $930

Used shoes for a village ($85/ 15 kg of shoes; for entire village, multiply this by four): $340

Plant a Moringa Tree: $25/tree

Provide Medicine for a Village Nurse for a year: $1,200


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The Lulu Tree Foundation
539 Small Cedar Drive, League City TX 77573

Please note, all funds donated online will be received in USD