To learn more about the RESCUE model, please go HERE


Provide mama kits (click HERE to learn more) for pregnant mothers in slums or refugee camps: $6/kit

Provide hygiene kits (go HERE) for teen girls in desperate situations: $7/kit

Provide a school kit for a teen mama: $15/kit

Provide a meal for a monthly kids’ fellowship in the slum: $150 (feeds rice and beans to 500 children)

Provide a stuffed animal made by our Lulu mamas for a child in the slum or refugee camp: $10/animal

Provide clothing for an outreach {4 bales for the adults ($400 or $100/bale),
4 bales for teens ($400 or $100/bale), and 1 bale ($130) for the children}: $930

Provide shoes for an outreach ($85/ 15 kg of shoes; for entire village, multiply this by four): $340


Mail a Check:

The Lulu Tree Foundation
539 Small Cedar Drive, League City TX 77573

Please note, all funds donated online will be received in USD