It’s the first school program of its kind in Uganda.

Here are some of its 24 students and their stories.


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The Story of the School

School of Hope land

 In February of 2017, Pastor Samuel Seguiga rallied together a group of born again teachers who were more than willing to divide their time between their day jobs and teaching teenage mothers who’d been rejected by the Ugandan school system. A medical clinic was rented, and the teachers began volunteering their time, teaching girls from across the region who would come bearing their babies on their backs, eager for a second chance.

In May of 2017, two acres of land were purchased with the purpose of housing these young mothers during the school term, as they would often come from long distances  with their children, many on precarious boda-boda motorcycles. In many cases, it was these motorcycle drivers who would impregnate the young girls in the first place, so an urgency was felt to provide a safe place in which to allow said mothers to care for their young ones, and to study.

In July of 2017, Lulu began building dorms for the teen mamas to stay in, as well as a nursery. Along with providing gardens and livestock for sustainable living, the hope is to add birthing rooms for impoverished pregnant women to receive compassionate pre- and post-natal care. We continue to trust the Lord to provide the remaining funds necessary to complete the vision.

The entire program, while overseen by our Lulu Ugandan Staff, is run by local pastors, teachers, and their wives, who are volunteering their time to serve the children of their nation.

Long-term, the hope is to partner with local schools and the Uganda Ministry of Education in providing a night program for teen mothers, allowing them to care for their babies during the day, and to study in the evenings at pre-existing village schools.

In turn we pray that schools across Africa will begin to realize that they too can use the resources they have to equip these precious young women with the value and knowledge they deserve as children of the King.

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