We believe Christ’s love can change the world.

And we seek to show this love in three ways:

Firstly, by partnering with pastors and community leaders in villages across Uganda and Sierra Leone, training them to equip the families in their churches.

Secondly, by caring for widows and orphans through The Lulu Tree Bethel Home in Sierra Leone, and soon, The Lulu Tree Elijah House in Uganda.

And thirdly, through rescue outreaches in slums and refugee camps.

Our primary goal is to prevent the destructive cycles that keep these communities from thriving by demonstrating the power of God’s love. See below for more info.



The Lulu Tree partners with pastors in villages across Africa to build up the five pillars of their communities:

Retail (or small business), Education, Agriculture, Church, and Health (REACH).

Lulu Tree staff meet with these pastors on a monthly basis, helping them establish realistic goals and equipping them with the necessary resources to achieve those goals. The pastors then return to their villages to meet monthly with leaders representing the other four pillars of the community, instilling a vision for productivity, strong families, and a God-honoring lifestyle, teaching them to problem solve, and providing prayerful encouragement and accountability.

These four leaders then meet with the men and women enrolled in the Lulu church program — villagers who are striving to make ends meet in the areas of Retail, Education, Agriculture, and Health. Our goal is to help them not only to achieve their dreams but to support their pastor through weekly church attendance and tithing.

It is our desire to see the church and community lifted up out of poverty enabling them to ultimately reach out to other villages.

Christ holds this all together — Christ is our cornerstone. He is the One who gives us vision, who provides the resources, and who gathers His Church Body together to equip them and let them know God is with them. He has not forgotten them. Blessed be the name of the Lord.

To partner with a village or church, please go HERE



This approach offers shelter and family to existing orphans and widows and pregnant mothers.

The Bethel Home in Sierra Leone will soon provide a place where children are lovingly cared for by Jja Jjas– widowed grandmothers who themselves are in need of a home. With Father Sonnel and Mommy Christiana overseeing the Home, this forms a family that benefits both the grandmothers and the children rather than a traditional orphanage setting where many children are cared for by one director. The home will also house a birthing center, where vulnerable mothers can come to safely deliver their babies and find support and resources as new mothers.

In Uganda, the Elijah House at the Lulu Farm will offer the same support for children and grandmothers, while the Moses Basket birthing home will be a safe haven where women can give birth with the support of doctors and midwives.

Partners can support the Receive branch by “adopting” an orphan or widow with monthly financial assistance, or by providing a one-time donation towards the needs of the facility.

To partner today with an orphan or widow, please go HERE


The Rescue branch offers emergency assistance to those in crisis, in order to prevent children from being orphaned and families from breaking apart.

Rescue donations provide one-time supplies for outreaches in the areas of education, nutrition, medicine, clean water, refugee relief and more. These outreaches are planned and implemented by our Lulu family in Africa, who know best which local situations are in need of assistance.

Pastors, members of the Lulu program, and African staff lead in sharing the Gospel while serving those in need.

To provide emergency relief, please go HERE

You can make a difference

Discover ways you can partner with Lulu Tree and make a difference in the lives of the families in Uganda and Sierra Leone.