Vision Statement

Preventing tomorrow’s orphans by equipping today’s families with the greater purpose of becoming one family in Christ.

We do this 4 ways:


By partnering with pastors, who are the spiritual fathers of African villages, we equip them to not only care for their own families, but for their church families, establishing respect for them as community leaders. We do this by way of a business investment fund, providing micro-investments to build up their small businesses, through biblical training via the Truth Centered Training program, and through Agricultural training via Farming God’s Way.


In addition to equipping pastors, thereby helping them earn respect through developing their small businesses and training them biblically, we also help them establish village-centered programs through the church, such as hosting soap-training lessons for the community, hosting prayer clinics and community-clean up’s, and raising donations as a church for things like a village well.


We also equip the church to assist individual families through a micro loan program for single mothers and widows struggling to make ends meet, in addition to a School of Hope Program, giving teen mothers a second chance to obtain their education. It is our hope that by establishing such ministries through the church, we’ll prevent orphans on a larger scale by building up the morale of both fathers and mothers and providing opportunities for them to sustain themselves.


While it is our hope to prevent tomorrow’s orphans, today’s orphans still exist and so we seek to equip the church to care for said orphans through establishing homes in which pastors, single mothers and widows can help care for these little ones. By putting these current orphans in families (as we do through our Bethel Home in Sierra Leone with Mommy Christiana and Father Sonnel) it is our prayer they’ll no longer feel abandoned.

At the present time your plenty will supply what they need, so that in turn their plenty will supply what you need. The goal is equality… ~ 2 Corinthians 8:14

The Tree Branches (Programs)

The REACH Branch

The Lulu Tree partners with pastors in villages to build up the five pillars of their communities: Retail (or small businesses), Education, Agriculture, Church, and Health.

Lulu Tree volunteers meet with these pastors on a monthly basis, training them to establish realistic goals and equipping them with the necessary resources to achieve these goals. The pastors then return to their villages to oversee micro-loan groups in their churches and to mentor leaders representing the four pillars of the community, instilling a vision for productivity, strong families, and a God-honoring lifestyle, teaching them to problem solve, and providing prayerful encouragement and accountability.

These leaders them meet with the men and women enrolled in the Lulu Tree Church Program, villagers who are striving to make ends meet in the areas of Retail, Education, Agriculture, and Health. Out goal is to help them not only achieve their dreams but to support their pastor through weekly church attendance and tithing.

Everyone who enters to be helped is expected to help in some way or another. The longer they remain with the Lulu Tree, the more their level of responsibility is increased. We believe in equipping them to help others instead of creating a dependency.

The Lulu Tree National Director determines eligibility for participation in The Lulu Tree Programs – first by identifying, interviewing, and then selecting pastors who demonstrate integrity, transparency, honesty, competence, creativity, enthusiasm, teachability, and willingness to receive feedback and critique. The pastors then help the National Director identify individuals in their communities who can serve as both leaders in the program and recipients of Lulu’s services.

The Lulu Tree is also facilitating Farming God’s Way ( and TCT training ( TCT is a locally provided Biblical training program for impoverished congregations created by the organization Reconciled World. Since its inception, TCT has helped take more than 300 communities out of poverty.

The Rescue Branch

This branch is for those who don’t qualify for the REACH program due to youth and extremely vulnerable circumstances. The Lulu Tree seeks to equip these individuals with families and education.

In Uganda, we’ve constructed dorms for teenage mothers and their babies, in Namagera Village, to help facilitate their education.

The Lulu School of Hope is a place where teen moms who have been shunned from their regular schools are able to continue their education. Educators in this school are accredited teachers who volunteer their time and receive no compensation for their services. The school is located in Jinja. We are currently renting an HIV clinic space for $100/yearly and this is paid in full through 2017. In the new year, our goal is to work in conjunction with the Uganda Ministry of Education, using existing school buildings. Our Teen moms would attend school at night, enabling them to be home with their children during the day, working the farm to provide for their own needs.

Bethel Home in Mambo Village, Sierra Leone, is a place where abandoned children are lovingly cared for by Pastor Sonnel Kamara and his wife, Mommy Christiana, a couple who was never able to have children of their own. They are also assisted by national caregivers who are known as “aunties”. This dwelling place provides a “family” versus a traditional orphanage setting where many children are cared for by one director, and offered out for adoption. Bethel’s children will remain at Bethel until they are 18 under the guardianship of Pastor Sonnel and his wife.

The Rescue Branch also offers emergency assistance to those in crisis, in order to prevent children from being orphaned and families from breaking apart. Outreaches are facilitated by local churches to earn the right to speak into their community’s lives and to develop long-term relationships.

The Lulu Tree gathers supplies for monthly outreaches focusing on the areas of education, nutrition, medicine, clean water, refugee relief, and more. These current outreaches are planned and implemented by our Lulu family in Uganda and Sierra Leone, who know best which local situations are in need of assistance.

Pastors, members of the Lulu program, and African volunteers lead in sharing the Gospel while serving those in need.

The Vision Video

You can make a difference

Discover ways you can partner with Lulu Tree and make a difference in the lives of the families in Uganda and Sierra Leone.