The Lulu Tree seeks orphan prevention, first and foremost.

We do this through 4 ways:


By partnering with pastors, who are the spiritual fathers of African villages, we equip them to not only care for their own families, but for their church families, establishing respect for them as community leaders. We do this by way of a Business Investment Fund, providing micro-investments to build up their small businesses, and through Biblical training via the Truth Centered Training program.


In addition to equipping pastors, thereby helping them earn respect through developing their small businesses and training them Biblically, we also help them establish village-centered programs through the church, such as hosting soap-training lessons for the community, hosting prayer clinics and community-clean up’s, and raising donations as a church for things like a village well.


We also equip the church to assist individual families through a Micro Loan program for Single Mothers, or a Widows’ Investment Fund for widows struggling to make ends meet, in addition to a School of Hope Program, giving teen mothers a second chance to obtain their education. It is our hope that by establishing such ministries through the church, we’ll prevent orphans on a larger scale by building up the morale of both fathers and mothers and providing opportunities for them to sustain themselves.


While it is our hope to prevent tomorrow’s orphans, today’s orphans still exist and so we seek to equip the church to care for said orphans through establishing homes in which pastors, single mothers and widows can help care for these little ones. By putting these current orphans in families (as we do through our Bethel Home in Sierra Leone with Mommy Christiana and Father Sonnel) it is our prayer that they’ll no longer feel like orphans.

You can make a difference

Discover ways you can partner with Lulu Tree and make a difference in the lives of the families in Uganda and Sierra Leone.