In third-world countries, unless you have basic supplies such as a clean razor, plastic sheet, and cotton thread, no hospital will admit you to give birth. As a result, most women end up giving birth at home, alone, on a dirt floor.

At The Lulu Tree, this breaks our heart. We long to provide a compassionate place where vulnerable women can come give birth.

We’re delighted to announce that as of Winter 2018, a birthing / medical clinic will be under construction in Massagalie, Sierra Leone. Below is a photo of its progress in June of 2018. Upon its completion, the Sierra Leone government will assist in providing staff and supplies. Following are the details of the clinic:
(1) A birthing room
(2) A female ward
(3) A male ward
(4) WFP Room for food items
(5) HIV Room
(6) Office space
(7) Drug store
(8) A dressing room or surgical ward.
(9) Two room apartment for two nurses
(10) A hallway for patients in the same building.

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