As the title suggests, we have some very exciting news to share! But first, a story.

Once upon a time (before December of 2014, to be exact), there was a beautiful and gentle-souled Ugandan woman named Amina. She and her son, Yasin, were homeless and slept on the floor of Remnants Church in the slum of Katwe. Life was very hard, but Amina trusted God and refused to give up hope. She worked a small garden and sold what she grew, or looked for sweet bananas to buy and sell, trying to earn enough for Yasin’s school fees. They ate one meal a day.

When Amina wasn’t looking for ways to earn a few dollars, she spent much of the day in prayer.

Then, in December of 2014, Amina became part of the Lulu Tree family. Over the past two years, God has worked in beautiful ways in her life. She reconciled with her daughter, Rebecca, and another son, Sharif, and all of her children are thriving. Yasin has been accepted into a music program, Rebecca is attending a Christian boarding school, and Sharif is excelling at his studies at a Christian school in the slum.

Amina still loves growing things and is currently being trained in farming. She’s eager to serve as one of our main gardeners at our Lulu Farm.

But that’s not all.


Amina is now earning an income weaving and selling baskets through our NEW Lulu MAMA Shop!

Which brings us to the very exciting news! Our Lulu MAMA Shop is opening today and all of our Lulu Tree women have been busy for months creating amazing items to sell. In addition to Amina’s baskets, Gloria and Lillian have been sewing colorful clothing and aprons, and all of our women have been making stunning jewelry, purses, and other accessories. Take a look!


Why do we call this our MAMA shop? The letters stand for Mobilizing African Mothers to Action, and it’s the perfect name for it. Not only does the shop provide meaningful and fulfilling work for the women,100% of the proceeds go back to our Lulu Family. And do you want to know how they plan to use it? These dear women have chosen to give 90% of the shop earnings to help fund Mama Kits, clean water efforts, sending teen mothers to school, and helping a Ugandan refugee camp where there are many displaced children.

Our Lulu mamas and daughters are pouring their hearts and talents into making beautiful and useful items, and rather than keep the proceeds for themselves, they’re willingly using most of the money to serve others. They’re teaching us what it looks like to live love out loud.




You, friends, are invited to be part of all this beauty! Come on over to the Lulu MAMA Shop and get some Christmas shopping done — for your loved ones or yourself. Supplies are limited, so don’t wait. Help our mamas and daughters bless their community, and be part of a glorious story that is only beginning — Amina and her Lulu sisters sowing seeds for eternity, committing their lives and the works of their hands to reap a harvest that can never wither or die.

And that’s a story that always ends with happily ever after.

See you at the MAMA Shop!

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