God has been moving through The Lulu Tree! We have so many exciting updates to share!


We are happy to announce that the Lulu M.A.M.A. Shop opened its (cyber) doors October 17th. M.A.M.A. stands for “Mobilizing African Mothers to Action,” and that’s exactly what’s happening! This is the Shop that God Built, and it’s a true testament to the amazing way that God’s love and grace spreads from heart to heart.

Lulu MAMA Shop Grand Opening

It’s also an amazing place to buy your Christmas gifts!

The Lulu mamas and daughters in Uganda have been busy hand-crafting all sorts of beautiful items including woven baskets, jewelry, clothing, purses, accessories and more. They pour their hearts into this creative endeavor, and the results are amazing.


What’s even more amazing, however, is what they’ve chosen to do with the proceeds from their hard work. Every cent of the profits from the sale of all items in the M.A.M.A. Shop goes to the artists. But these women have more than just creative talent, they have hearts on fire for the Lord! They have seen first-hand what God has done in their lives and in their community, and they are hungry to share that with others. They have generously decided that they will keep ten percent of what they earn and give a full ninety percent of their profits to local ministries that spread the gospel and improve the living conditions of those in Katwe and the surrounding slums. This means that every purchase made at the M.A.M.A. Shop will help many people, through outreaches that share the gospel while offering clean water, education, safe childbirth and more to those who need it most.

verse-1During the Mama Kit outreach last month, our Lulu family noticed that none of the kids who came had shoes. The terrain there is very rough and the children’s feet were covered with cuts and scabs, which leaves them open to infection. With a vision of a barefoot Jesus in their hearts, they have decided to use funds from the first month of the shop to buy shoes for these children. Please pray with us that they will be able to provide many shoes, and that this will be a blessing both to little soles and little souls!

Would you like to help? Follow this link to do your Christmas shopping at the M.A.M.A. Shop! And, be watching for giveaways and coupons at the store in November.


We are happy to report that in September The Lulu Tree became an official NGO in Uganda! This is wonderful news, and we are thankful that God moved hearts to make this happen.

In September, we also celebrated with two precious young women who were able to return to school. Allow us to introduce these happy students:


Please join us in prayer for Flavia and Rebecca as they embark on this journey, and for the teen mother’s program!

More updates on our mamas and daughters can be found in the Lulu Family Album, which you can view here.

Uncle Joel, our Ugandan Children’s Minister, continues to hold Saturday children’s meetings where children gather to learn about Jesus. This program is going well and the children love to get together, sing songs, memorize verses and learn about how much Jesus loves them. img_1030


In November, the mamas will be having an outreach in Jinja (a few hours from Katwe). They will be partnering with pastors in the area to reach out to teen mothers, learn their needs and offer support and help. A shop in Kampala has offered to donate maternity clothes as well as baby clothes and bottles to the cause, and Lulu will be seeking teen mothers who would like to finish school in order to help them finish their education.


In Sierra Leone, a ban on orphanages has taken place. The Lulu Tree’s Bethel Home will now be a birthing home for destitute pregnant mothers, a place to receive free and compassionate care and shelter. The Lord is leading in Sierra Leone, and that branch of Lulu will have its own newsletter later this month. In the meantime, please join us in prayer for favor as we seek registration in that country.


Plans for Uganda’s Lulu Farm Village are underway! Our leaders in Uganda are meeting with engineers to plan the village, which will include the Elijah House for widows and babies, houses for staff, pastors, medical professionals and guests, a dorm for teen girls and one for the mamas. Also on the property will be a birthing home, a church/school building, and an administrative building that will house the shop. All of these buildings are nestled around a central meeting and cooking area, and the village is surrounded by farmland for gardens, fruit trees, and farm animals. These plans are being made in faith, as we are trusting the Lord to provide the finances needed to bring the plan for this safe haven to fruition.lulu-farm-mapIn December, the Lulu family will begin cooking meals for the children who come to Uncle Joel’s Saturday outreach. This has been made possible by the completion of bathrooms at Bishop Lubinga’s church! The mamas have decided to put December’s earnings from the M.A.M.A. Shop towards a special Christmas feast, and they are excited about this offering. The children are in need of both the nutrition and the nurturing that a warm meal provides, and by sharing a meal together our Lulu family is following the example set by Jesus when he broke bread with his disciples.

IMG_4641 (1)


Also, in the month of November we will be offering a beautiful hand-made paper bead necklace to new partners! If you are interested in partnering with our Lulu family, please click here. We are so very thankful for each of you who partner, pray and proclaim with us!






Here are some prayer requests for the month of November:

  • Please pray for favor as the mamas and daughters ask local businesses for shoe donations to give away at the upcoming outreach event.
  • Join us in prayer as we ask for provision for the Lulu Farm.
  • An engineer who is working on the farm project has been in the hospital, please pray for his recovery.
  • Our founder, Emily Wierenga, will be traveling to Sierra Leone in November. Pray for a safe trip and for God’s guidance as she works with our team there.
  • Pray that the M.A.M.A. Shop is firmly established and that our artisans will be able to bless many through their efforts.





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