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We are overjoyed to announce that the Lulu Tree has opened a school for teen mothers in Uganda! The first of its kind there, the Lulu Tree School of Hope serves teen mothers who are finishing their primary and secondary school work. When God has a plan, He moves quickly to put it in action…read Lulu Director Emily Wierenga’s words about the school’s beginnings:

We suggested a school for teen mamas, not knowing how badly this was needed. Not realizing the teen mamas had been abused and hurt in the past by teachers who considered them a shame, a poor example for the other girls in their classes. Just three days after suggesting it, we had a building offered to us to host the classes in, and we had a number of born again teachers who VOLUNTEERED their time to teach these precious mamas.

God is rising up to defend these precious girls and their babies, through providing primary and secondary education, their mamas volunteering to run a school nursery and to cook for the teen girls who will be able to freely nurse their children and to learn without being ostracized.

The school is already open and running! Our ten teen mamas attend daily, and their babies are cared for nearby by Lulu family. They are thrilled to have the opportunity to finish their education in a supportive, loving environment and are looking forward to one day having school uniforms like other students their age. The blessing of an education will continue its positive effect on their children, and on the generations to come. Meet our hard-working teen mothers:

Prayer Card Photo1 Teen Mama Prayer Card2

Photos of the first weeks of school, the teachers and the beautiful building where classes are held:

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In a moment that depicts the nature of being a family in Christ, Lulu Reach Director Joel Lutaaya (who directs the new school) can be seen below singing to the teen mamas’ babies as their mothers study. Truly, The Lulu Tree School of Hope is a picture of what can happen when believers come together as one to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

Would you like to get the know the students at the Lulu Tree School of Hope better? Here are pages from Lulu’s family album (click the link to see the full album, with beautiful photos from Lulu’s ministry in Jinja and information on the Jinja team). As you look at these photos and read the girls’ stories, can you take a moment to pray for these precious teen mamas as they work hard and settle in to the School of Hope? We are so proud of each of these young ladies! They are strong, beautiful, and full of faith.

march cover

album 1

album 2 album 3 album 4 album 5 album 6 album 7 album 8 album 9

Funding for the school will be provided by the sale of soap, which is being made by the teens and by their mothers. Lulu has a soap machine in Uganda, and soap made by the mamas will be sold in the city to help cover supplies and school expenses. In Sierra Leone, a soap machine will soon be purchased as well. This will allow the villagers to make and sell soap in the cities so that they will have money for food and school fees during the drought season. Below, Mama Esther and a teen make bars of soap together. The soap will be used later in March, in Mama Kits that will be given away at the outreach in a refugee camp.



While our current teen mamas begin their studies, the Lord has shown us that the need for a school is even greater than we had imagined. Just weeks after the school opened, word had spread that there is a safe, nurturing place where teen mothers are accepted, loved and encouraged to continue their education. Soon, teen mothers (many with HIV) began to show up in droves to attend the School of Hope.

Friends, will you pray with us? We need land on which to build a larger school, gardens for the students and their children, and dormitories where those who are coming from far away can stay while they study. God will provide, and it is amazing to see the work He has already begun bring such hope to girls who need it so much!



Meet Zainab, a new Lulu Tree daughter!

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Zainab Nabirye is a 13 year old Moslem girl who is four months pregnant and wants to be a nurse to help people with HIV.

She stays with her new step mother. Her mother divorced her dad and her dad brings in new wives as they leave. Her new stepmother is 22 years old and her dad is 45. Her daddy leaves them for a month, then returns for a couple of days, and then leaves again.

Pastor Samuel knows her family very well and says she got pregnant because she was abandoned by her parents and her brothers resorted to drugs, so she had no one caring for her. The stepmother is good to her and cares for her.

Pastor Samuel has taken Zainab under his wing. She is currently undergoing counseling. She is a good student and passed primary school with high marks; she will start senior one at the Teen Mama School.



  • Please pray for the teen mothers who are now attending the School of Hope, that they would continue to adjust well and benefit from their studies.
  • Pray for the volunteer teachers at the school, that they would be blessed as they serve the teens.
  • Please pray for all the Lulu aunties who are watching over the students’ children while they are in school
  • Pray with us that we will soon be able to afford to expand the school and provide for more teen mamas!
  • A team from North America will be traveling to Uganda this month to participate in a Mama Kit outreach in the refugee camps. Please pray for traveling mercies, that many Mama Kits are passed out to those in need, and that many come to know the Lord through this outreach!



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