By Mommy Emily


It’s like a long pencil-streak, this road I ride. A strip of ruler-straight asphalt, drawn past fields of wheat and canola. Sometimes I see deer with white tails, leaping through blades of wheat. Sometimes I hear frogs. Once, I saw a moose taking a swim in the dark in a pond when he thought no one was looking.

This time I’m trying to avoid the trucks, for there are a lot of them. I’m a small biker in a reflector vest and these pick-up trucks are large and bright on this moonlit evening in October. They must be men on their way to hockey or soccer practice. And as I pedal and pray I won’t get run over, I hear the Spirit say, “This is Lulu.”

This bike, He says, is Lulu.

I look up at the trucks passing me and see many mighty organizations, powerful and big and impressive. Then I look down at my bike, which is actually my husband’s old one, and it’s missing a hand grip. It’s only got 6 gears and sometimes the chain falls off, but it always gets me home.

“Okay,” I whisper as I climb the hill heading to the Co-op. “Tell me more.”

He shows me we’ll never be mighty and big and impressive like a truck, for He’s made us a bicycle on purpose. He’s made us small and hard to see and silent, because it allows us to go places where the big and mighty cannot, and like a bike, we will go unobtrusively, through the bush, on the winding walking trails and not on the major highways. “I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my loving eye on you.” (Psalm 32:8)

A bike can go places trucks can’t. And this, the Spirit says, is very important, because Lulu is about going to places no one else wants to go, to minister to the forgotten, the unseen, the hard to reach.

I look down at my running shoes on the pedals, powering me forward. The Spirit tells me we won’t need as many physical resources as the trucks, because people themselves will power the ministry—people giving of their time, their prayers, their bodies, minds and hearts, to move the ministry forward.

We will be smaller, yes. We will be largely unseen. But we will also blend in with a third world that relies largely on bikes. For this I am thankful.

Tomorrow (Nov. 21-30) I’ll be heading out on another “bike ride” across the ocean, to Sierra Leone. I’m headed there with board director Jeanne Damoff, who will take photos and video. I’m also headed with maternity nurse Raine Kooger who will begin to train up midwives in the villages in relation to the birthing room/medical clinic Lulu is building. Would you pray for us? That we would go quietly, unobtrusively, humbly, not jealous of the “trucks” but rather, grateful for the calling God has placed upon us? Pray also for our families, for the Spirit’s covering while we’re gone? And for a covering over our health, our minds, our emotions, as we seek to be gentle vessels of Jesus’ love? Thank you, friends.

Prayer and Praise

  • Praise God that a school has partnered with the Lulu Tree School of Hope in Uganda, and our students will be able to attend classes there just five minutes from the dorms!
  • Praise God for providing the funds to send the 22 teen mamas to school there.
  • We are grateful that Pastor Sonnel has been able to send close to 15 orphans in Sierra Leone to school this fall, five of whom are living with him, the other 10 living with relatives in the village.
  • Praise God for provision of the funds to finish the medical clinic / birthing home in Sierra Leone!
  • Rejoice with us that a microphone system has been gifted for the prayer clinics in Uganda–and that God is bringing crowds to these clinics each month!
  • Praise God that the tractor has arrived in Sierra Leone! Pray with us that the Lord does amazing things through this tractor in the village farms.
  • Please join us in prayer for sweet teen mama Clementine, who is grieving her baby who passed away. Please pray that the Lord will comfort her, and that she will be able to return to her Lulu family and be cared for by Esther and the teen mamas at the school.
  • Pray with us that God will provide fencing for the protection of the School of Hope dorm complex, to keep our teens safe.
  • Pray for an ultrasound machine to be provided for the clinic in Sierra Leone.

As Emily, Jeanne, and Raine leave to visit  Sierra Leone this week, please join us in prayer for safe travels. We also are asking for prayer for their families, and for God to move in mighty ways as they work with Pastor Sonnel and spend time with our Lulu family there.

Would you like to know how you can pray for Sierra Leone? Please watch this beautiful video from PrayerCast and pray through these needs with us. God Bless.



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