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I sweep pie crumbs from the counter into my open hand, wipe the sticky remains of cranberry sauce from the table. We’ve spent this week in thankful fellowship, the sound of laughter rising up above the warm scent of cinnamon and sage. When the leftovers have finally run their course we’re still left-over with memories that fill us year round.

Traditions have grown over the years, some passed down through generations and others picked up in recent years–stuffing made with Great-Grandmother’s garden garlic, puzzles done by the fire. We are blessed by these traditions of thankfulness, the bringing together of family from far-off places and the time spent connecting.

Giving Tuesday is one such new tradition. In response to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday made a debut in 2012 and has been gathering momentum each year. Last year, people in 98 countries around the world participated in Giving Tuesday and donations were up by 44% from the previous year.

This year, on Giving Tuesday, my family will gather around the table and start a new tradition of our own. Together, we will look through the Lulu Tree’s new gift catalog and choose gifts for people we’ve never met but who have become family–our Lulu Family, brothers and sisters in Christ who are doing the hard work of rising out of poverty together.

We’ll pray for the teen Mamas and their babies at the School of Hope in Uganda, and for the orphans who have found not just a new address but a new family at Bethel Home in Sierra Leone. We’ll ask God to bless the pastors and directors and farmers and aunties who are showing the love of Christ in their communities through accepting others with open arms and caring for those in need of love and hope.

We will pray for the Lulu partners throughout North America and the world, whose love and support spark the hope that is transforming villages throughout Africa. We’ll praise God for the amazing things He is doing through our international Lulu family, and we’ll thank Him for the things we’ve learned from their faith.

If you’d like to join in supporting the Lulu Family this Giving Tuesday, you can find the gift catalog online here. It’s ready to print or share, with family and friends or online. Each of the items in the catalog represents a need that, when fulfilled, will help equip churches, villages, and families to build a foundation that will lead to self-sufficiency. Together, these efforts are helping to create solid, Christ-centered communities–communities that can then reach out a helping hand to neighboring villages and spread the love of Christ and the hope of a better future.

Thank you, to every one of you–for your support, prayers, and love! As we begin the Christmas season, we are thankful for the blessing of being witness to how God takes every prayer, every donation, every note of support and multiplies it like loaves and fishes in the hands of Jesus!

Below is our 2017-2018 gift catalog (click any image to go to the printable PDF version).














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