By Mommy Emily

I live in a tiny village north of the US border, tucked amongst snowy fields and red silos.

I look out my window and see deer walking down our road. And across the highway, a huge Co-Op.

It’s a Co-Op that offers everything from gloves to paint to groceries, and it’s not a five-minute drive from my house. It’s open from 8:30 in the morning until 6 at night and yet somehow I still find time to complain about packing up the kids, getting into the vehicle, and driving over there.

My pantry is packed. My freezer is full. My fridge has so much food we sometimes forget about the food in the back and end up having to throw it out.

Meanwhile, my family in Uganda and Sierra Leone is fighting every day just to have enough food for one meal. They think about it when they rise from their mats stuffed with straw. They think about it as they head with their children to the garden to work in the early morning before the sun hits noon. They think about it as their children complain of empty stomachs as they work the ground with hoes, weeding the few potatoes and plantain they’ve been able to plant. They think about it as they head home to rest, drink some weak tea and prepare a supper of matoke – boiled green bananas, or cassava (a root vegetable). And they think about it as they lie down to sleep, hearing their children’s stomachs growling in the dark.

Meanwhile I’m complaining about driving across the highway to get some groceries.

Friends, would you consider spending Lent this year digging through your freezer and pantry and looking to the back of your fridge to use up what you DO have instead of purchasing MORE groceries?

I mean, we get that you need the perishables – we do too: milk, fresh fruit, eggs… but would you join us in saving the rest of the grocery money we normally spend and donating it instead (and it doesn’t have to be to The Lulu Tree–it can be to one of my favorite organizations, Food for the Hungry or to other such ministries devoted to hunger and sustainability)?

If you do decide to give to The Lulu Tree, we are committed to investing any donations received through this fast into microloans for church congregations; these microloans will boost farms and businesses, so these families can finally stop thinking about food and start LIVING.

We’re praying for a sustainable Africa. We believe it can happen if we, here in the west, are willing to give up some of our comforts and care about our family in the east.

The beautiful thing is?

Lent starts on Valentine’s Day this year.

What truer act of love than to give up 40 days of groceries to feed the hungry?

(Also, if you decide to join us, we’d love to hear from you and pray for you.)

With all my love, your sister,


Prayer and Praise:

Prayer for Lulu Sierra Leone:

⦁ Welding machine for Pastor Sonnel ($2000)
⦁ 100 bushels of rice seed ($1300)
⦁ Assistance for Kamabala congregation and pastor
⦁ we are needing insecticide for the other 12 villages to help them ($150 per village)
⦁ Pray that God will raise someone up to plant a church (which will double as a school) for the neighboring village, Kakonky.

Praises for Sierra Leone:

⦁ God has wiped out the bed bugs in the homes of Kamassaralie Village
⦁ God has raised up a partner to plant our first church in Kamassaralie village

Prayer for Uganda:

⦁ Continue praying for Auntie Loy to be healed of her sickness. She is slowly recovering.
⦁ Prayer for the March trip

Praises for Uganda:

⦁ $4000 for mama kit outreach
⦁ $400 for feeding 200 guests at outreach
⦁ $100 for transporting Lulu kids

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