By Mommy Emily

I’m standing in the middle of Costco with a cart full of things we really don’t need surrounded by people pushing carts filled with things they really don’t need in a warehouse lined with shelves stacked with things we’re all convinced we can’t live without.

In three days I’ll be standing on the red dirt of the pearl of Africa where there are no carts and no Costco’s and much physical poverty.

I’m going there to get God, I tell my kids. I’m going there to get God and bring Him home.

But God is everywhere my six year old says.

I’m looking into the vacant eyes of the shoppers as they push their carts.

Yes son, he’s everywhere, but he cannot work in this place because we don’t think we need him.

Kasher suggests I pack up all of Africa and put them on a plane and fly them here so they can shop at Costco.

And isn’t this what so many of us think? Even those of us in the church? Don’t we secretly think that we have it all and we owe it to the developing world to bring as much as we can in our two free suitcases to sustain them until our next trip?

Oh friends…they may not have Costco but they DO have access to everything they need. It’s not a lack of stores that is the problem. It’s injustice that keeps the poor from accessing locally available tools to improve their businesses so they can send their children to school. But injustice cannot be fought by maternal things.

No, no amount of suitcases will solve injustice for it is a demonic spirit that can only be fought by standing with our African brothers and sisters in the spiritual realms and tearing down strongholds together.

So we’re going there to fight in the spiritual realms and we’re going there to meet with a God who is unencumbered by a Costco mentality. A God who hasn’t been constrained to an App. A God who still roars like the Lion of Judah.

Yes, we’re going there for 10 days to get God and bring Him home.

Prayer Requests:

  • Friends, please pray for founder Emily Wierenga’s mother, Yvonne. Her brain cancer has returned, and she is entering palliative care. Please also pray with us for her father, Ernest, as he cares for his wife, and for their family as they walk this hard path together.
  • Prayers for the upcoming trip to Uganda, for safe travel, good health, and for God to lead us as the team works together. Pray also for the Mama Kit outreach on March 26th, that the weather will be good and that many will come to know the Lord and receive life-saving medical supplies.
  • Pray for strength, comfort, and direction for our leaders and pastors, as the Lulu Tree family grows and the Lord leads.
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