In Sierra Leone, twelve girls will start school this September. Their first day in the classroom marks something more than just the beginning of an education–it ushers in the first wave of girls under the protection of The Lulu Tree’s FGM Rescue Program.

In the video below, you’ll meet Mafaray. Once the leader of a lucrative FGM (female genital mutilation) group, Mafaray found that she could no longer bring herself to participate in the group’s secret and violent actions after she became a Christian. Depending on the Lord to fill her financial needs, she left the group. With support from the local church, she learned to make a living for her family with a small business.

Today, Mafaray is leading the FGM Rescue Program. Beginning with her own daughters, she is showing parents how to pledge to keep their girls safe. The 12 children who will begin the program this month will go through Christian schooling, free from fear of being kidnapped and cut. They are part of a new generation that protects their daughters from the terrible effects of FGM.

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