by Mommy Emily

Dearest Prayer Warriors and Partners with The Lulu Tree…

How can I thank you for standing in the gap? For holding up my hands as I held the hands of our brothers and sisters? For carrying my children in your prayers as I carried other mothers’ babies in my arms?

It will be one week since I returned and I have so many stories to tell, but for now — I share pictures: I share colors, laughter, beans and rice, red soil and yellow plantain, the gap-toothed joy of jajjas in Uganda who don’t even own mattresses to sleep on; the quiet plaiting of my hair by mothers being trained in hairdressing in a South Sudan camp… the giggles of little children touching white skin, the humble posture of dozens of war-worn pastors who’ve traveled hours to gather together in hopes of building peace for future generations. The confident stance of teen mothers who’ve been given another chance.

Please don’t stop praying. Oh how great the harvest, and how few the laborers… yet it’s these very laborers we seek to equip. With our love, with our resources, with our intercession, so they can in fact do the great work of bringing the kingdom of heaven to earth.

All my love, e.

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  1. July 29, 2019

    Crying tears of sorrow and joy with you, our dear sister! So grateful for these photos that tell so much. Will not stop praying for them all and you all!

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