Dear Friends,

So – I’m Canadian. But the rest of our Lulu board is American, and I’m very aware that this week is none other than Thanksgiving, and that we need to honor the Lord for all He’s done this year, in spite of a Global Pandemic.

I shared with you in this recent post the miracles of this past year, but bear with us, once more — our amazing Vice President has gone ahead and put together a vision video (see below) which really summarizes how very great our God is, and how big this vision is, and how impossible it is for us to do it. It can only be Him. Choosing to stir in the hearts of broken vessels like you and me.

So, friend, as you watch this brief video (also embedded below), won’t you lift your hands in praise this Thanksgiving? For our God deserves all the glory. He is truly a good and faithful Father. (James 1:17)

With tremendous love and gratitude,

Mommy Emily, on behalf of The Lulu Tree Board