Emily is on her way back to Canada… by the time this post reaches you, she’ll be home and reunited with her family.

Thank you so very much for praying over this trip. It was a whirlwind, touched deeply by the Holy Spirit and full of adventure!

Emily will be updating you once she’s settled. In the meantime, we’d like to share some photos from the trip to tide you over. Enjoy… and know that your love and prayers were carried to each country and to every village they visited.

(Left) Emily and Steve, Lulu’s Financial Advisor, arrive in Sierra Leone.  (Right) At Pastor Sonnel’s house, Mommy Christiana and the children greet them.

(Left) The children made cards for Emily and Steve.   (Right) The delicious meal Mommy Christiana made for them.

(Left) As they entered Guinea, they faced trials and Pastor Sonnel’s car broke down.  (Right) Emily with Pastor Haba’s baby, who is her namesake.

(Left) Pastor Haba of Lulu Guinea, and daughter Emily.  (Right) The 2022 Harvestime graduates in Guinea!

(Left) A child playing in Guinea.  (Right) Pastor Haba and his family

(Left) Joy in Suffering: Heading out of Guinea, Pastor Sonnel’s car breaks down again.  (Right) In Sierra Leone, Steve blesses village children.

(Left) Steve tries out the scale at the Birthing Center in Kamassaralie.  (Right) Another breakdown, with lots of helpers.

(Left) Pastor Sonnel has started a piggery to support the ministry.  (Right) Mommy Christiana came to Emily’s rescue and killed this spider.

(Left) Steve and Sonnel, faithful men of God who have become good friends.  (Right) A marching band celebrated the 2022 graduates in Sierra Leone.

(Left) Steve leads a financial training for microloan mothers in Sierra Leone. (Right) On the side of the road yet again… and from Sierra Leone, they take taxis into Libera.

(Left) On the border of Sierra Leone and Libera, Sonnel witnessed to the guesthouse owner, shown here reading his new Bible.  (Right) The microloan recipients in Sierra Leone.

(Left) In Liberia, they stayed with this woman and her 20 children. (Right) Car trouble led to the blessing of many hours on Bota-Botas.

(Left) Emily and dear friend Meme, Pastor Zawu’s wife.  (Right) Harvestime students in Liberia. They say their “feet are on fire” to spread the Gospel!

(Left) The beautiful diplomas and medals received by 2022 Liberia Harvestime graduates. (Right) Would you believe the taxi got a flat tire?

(Left) The 2022 valedictorian shares about walking 5 hours to attend classes. (Right) Steve, Emily, and Pastor Sonnel in Liberia, wearing the robes they were gifted.

Sixty of the 64 students who will graduate next year in Liberia!

(Left) Emily and our dear Mommy Christiana.  (Right) Pastor Sonnel stops for a haircut in a village in Sierra Leone.

(Left) Working shoulder to shoulder, many nations but one heart.  (Right) Saying goodbye is so hard… a part of your heart stays behind in Africa.

For as many of you as were baptized into Christ have put on Christ. There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is neither male nor female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus. -Galatians 3:27-28

We praise God for His protection and provision, and for all that was accomplished on this trip!