By Emily


There are billions in the world, but two souls in particular come to mind.

The first is a young man, sleeping on the streets of Kampala, Uganda, curled up on a piece of cardboard. He looked much like a comma – barely a pause in the bustling activity of city. Just a small, curled-up human being in the gutter.

The other is a strung-out woman in Edmonton, Alberta. I’d walked into the restroom of a McDonald’s to find legs sticking out of the stall. She was asleep on the hard floor of the bathroom, trying to stay warm. Her long, skinny legs like chopsticks in leggings.

I opened up the back of my van, she crawled inside, bent her bony legs, fell back to sleep. Later, I dropped her off at a soup kitchen. I wept the whole ride home – for her, and for all the other souls no one wants.

Except for God. Oh how He wants them. And even as I drove in tears, He showed me a place He’s preparing for them – the most beautiful of homes, complete with the most comfortable of beds, the cleanest of showers, the warmest of blankets, the fluffiest of pillows. And all the food one could ever desire. All for free. No strings attached.

Because His Son has paid for it all. An endless tab, on the Son of God’s credit, and all we have to do is say Yes.

Oh what glorious news, and oh, that the souls of the world would have the chance to say Yes! That they would know what a Father we serve, One who longs for all orphan spirits to come home.

We’re praying this year for God’s Word to run swiftly throughout the world. We’re also praying for One Million Souls to be saved through The Lulu Tree. Not by us, but through us, these empty vessels filled with the Holy Spirit. That all our little efforts done in great love would somehow produce eternal results. That all of God’s rooms would be filled.

I began to doubt, though – a million, after all, is so many, and we are so few. And then, I read in a biography of John and Betty Stam that “a million a month pass into Christless graves” in China alone.

A million a month. Pass into hell. In China alone.

Suddenly one million souls seemed too small a prayer.

Shouldn’t we pray instead for the whole world?

Yes, but God loves when we are specific. And so we ask and believe.

We believe for the souls in the gutters. We believe for those on the restroom floors. We believe for those in our homes, in our cities, in our countries.

We believe for the one, and for the million.

Won’t you join us?


Friends, with Mother’s Day fast approaching on May 14, we are not only believing for one million souls, but for one million mamas to be saved through The Lulu Tree. In the past, the Lord has brought hundreds of souls to Himself through the Mama Kit Ministry. Learn more here: Lulu Mama Kits – The Lulu Tree. And please pray with us!