The Lulu Tree prevents tomorrow’s orphans by equipping today’s families through the local church — and plants and repairs churches so they can then equip families.




Mosques can be found in nearly every village in Sierra Leone, but evangelical churches are rare. Out of desperation, many believers find themselves in a mosque simply because they long for fellowship and have no other option. Will you give them another option?

To date, 16 pastors have been trained through a local Sierra Leone pastoral training program provided by GEM Ministries. Seven churches have been planted, and countless other villages await — where a church is lacking, we raise up cell group leaders who fill the void by reading Scripture to the villagers each week, overseen by a pastor.

It only costs between $2000-$3000 to build a church. It costs another $2400 to partner with a pastor for two years, helping him to develop a sustainable business that will care for him and his family following those 24 months. And all for the priceless beauty of seeing villages — and a nation — turn to Christ.




Pastor David Zawu is the overseer of three churches in Liberia — House of Judah, House of Prayers, and House of Fellowship. It is his hope to see the church become a bright light in Liberia, lifting his people out of darkness and despair through the hope of Jesus Christ.

It is our hope to be able to provide a microloan program to these churches, and to help Pastor Zawu plant churches. Please join us in praying for these faithful brothers and sisters.


One of the major needs in the South Sudan communities is the reconstruction of churches following violent windstorms.

The greatest desire we have is to see souls saved, to see families reunited with their heavenly Father, to see love poured out on a war-ravaged nation and righteousness and peace sown in the once bloodied fields of their ancestors.

In order to do this, we partner with local churches whose pastors are men of God eager to serve their people. Many times, however, these churches have been destroyed by either natural disasters or by war. Would you help us to plant and reconstruct these humble shelters so these men can continue to serve their people?

By partnering with Lulu Tree, your prayers and support yield the following:

  • Planting: As a first step in church planting, the Jesus Video is shown in villages, and accompanied by preaching and worship. Whole villages come to Christ through this initiative.
  • Cultivating: Next, a Bible is given to a cell group leader in the village so that new believers can continue to study and grow in faith. Pastors visit these cell groups to assure that the teaching stays aligned with the gospel.
  • Training: Lulu sponsors aspiring pastors to attend the 6 month intensive pastoral training offered by GEM Ministries to equip them to shepherd a congregation in their villages.
  • Building: An African church costs approximately $2000-$3000. This allows for the building of a durable structure with a solid floor and a strong roof, which are essential for protection from the elements.
  • Equipping: Full partnership includes a small loan to a pastor to establish himself in a trade that will allow him to support his family. Often, his congregation is unable to support him with tithes and offerings, and he and his wife need to have an income to meet the needs of their own family.
  • Sustaining: Micro loans are offered to villagers to help them establish themselves in a sustaining trade, allowing them to meet the needs of their families and eventually provide support to their church. As this program grows, means become available to tithe to the church and meet tangible needs of others in the village. As the micro loans are paid back, the funds become available to others.
  • Reaching out: The new church is positioned as a community center, often serving as the village school and health clinic in addition to a place of worship and fellowship. Seating and Bibles are also provided to churches as funds become available. Folding chairs allow for the church to be used for multiple purposes.