Your donations help local churches in many ways…

The Lulu Tree partners with pastors to provide their churches with the help they need to grow and become established in the community.


Our focus on autonomy and sustainability means that local leaders identify the needs and, as an international family, we work together to send funds as the Lord provides.

From training through the Harvest Time curriculum to building new churches and providing sustainable means to support congregations as they grow, strengthening churches is the heart of The Lulu Tree.

Here are some of the ways that your help is being used to support, grow, and come alongside African church families as the Gospel is spread:

Biblical training through Harvest Time curriculum for pastors and leaders:

USD $100 per church

Build or renovate a church building in a village (using local builders and supplies):

USD $2,000

Sound system/ audio recorders for outreach, church services, and training:

USD $200

Laptops and smartphones so that pastors can stay connected to church family both in-country and across the ocean:

USD $200-$1,000

Bicycles for pastors so they can travel to visit church members and evangelize:

USD $56

Bibles for pastors and congregations:

USD $10/Bible

Income-producing project to provide sustainable support for pastors and churches:

USD $500-$2000

Printers to provide pastors with Harvest Time materials and other ministry needs:

USD $500

Portable plastic chairs for church services and events:

USD $100

Children’s outreach events where the gospel is shared and a meal is served:

USD $150