At The Lulu Tree, we’re doing something different. We’re “faith-raising” versus “fund-raising” and we’d like you to join us.

The goal? It’s two-fold.

To raise FAITH by sharing online and with our churches what God is doing through The Lulu Tree in Uganda and Sierra Leone.

To raise FUNDS for The Lulu Tree through prayer, not individual effort. It is by the Holy Spirit alone that we discern the needs for The Lulu Tree, and how they should be met. We pray that He will lead people to us, and us to people, and we trust Him to care for all our financial needs.

Go HERE to learn more about our commitment to NOT fundraising.

If you want to join our faith-raising prayer team, contact

If you’d like to gather together with friends to help The Lulu Tree, we recommend doing The Cycle Bead Project; you can find more information by downloading the following PDF:

Please feel free to download any of the following badges or brochures. Just right-click on the image and selecting “save as”. When you add them to your personal pages, please consider linking them to our site (

Finally, to learn more about our commitment to financial integrity, please go here.

Thank you for standing in the gap for our Lulu family!

To download The Lulu Tree brochure, please go HERE.

For the Mama Kit brochure, please go HERE.

For the Pastor Partnership brochure, please go HERE.