We want to see the kingdom of heaven come to earth.

We also never want our motives to be questioned. As such, we volunteer our time, our efforts, our talents, our finances, and our hearts. If there is a trip to be taken, we pay for it out of our own pockets. This allows for all donations to directly impact front-line ministry. We joyfully lay down our lives for our Lulu Family. Because we love them that much.

More than anything, each of us is an intercessor. We believe in faith-raising. We believe in praying in the resources, and trusting God to provide. He is our faithful Father.

Lulu Uganda

Mama Esther Tendo

National Director

Joel Lutaaya

Director of Agriculture & Children's Ministry

Steven Musika

School of Hope Cook

Joy Nabowa

Managing Director of Teen Mama Dorms

Pastor David & Prossy Mununuzi

School of Hope Nurse

Pastor Grace & Annette Soka

Director of Pastors' Fellowship in Villages

Pastor Steven & Irene Malinzi

Minister of Agriculture

Pastor Richard & Mary Wambiro

Minister of Business & Retail

Pastor Peter & Robinah Batambuze

Minister of Public Affairs

Pastor Steven Muwanguzi

Head of Savings Groups


School of Hope Resource Manager

Pastor Richard & Esther Kazibwe

Director of Pastors' Fellowship in Slums

Lulu South Sudan

Enoch Kasirye


Emmy Komagum

Director of Jajjas & Pastors

Baptist Emuchu

Director of Women & Children

Apostle Shaban

Children's Ministry

Apostle Daniel

Children's Ministry

Lulu Sierra Leone

Pastor Sonnel Kamara & Mommy Christiana

National Directors

Daniel Kamara


Pastor Ezekiel & Musu Kabbesesay

Head of Microloan Program in Massaralie Village

Elizabeth Tuiey

Director of Birthing Clinic

Kabbal Samura

Farm Manager

Alie Kamara

Farm Manager

Pastor Samura

Head of Microloan Program in Kafotorie Village

Pastor Ebbesesay

Head of Microloan Program in Kathantineh Village

Partner Care

Kayla Nelson

Graphic Artist

Ahmelie Skistad


Haley Simmons

Social Media

Stephanie Lawson

Partner Appreciation

Tricia Simmons

Web Care / Social Media

Catherine Drake

Volunteer Care Coordinator

Governing Board

Mommy Emily


Erica Hale

Vice President

Bob Davis


Joanne Viola


Jeanne Damoff