That His Name might be Great Amongst the Nations ~ Malachi 1:11

Beloved brothers and sisters — since January of 2020, we’ve been feeling the ever-increasing prompting to train up pastors and youth (both male and female) to send out as missionaries across Africa to the most remote of villages (*see video below, in which The Lulu Tree Founder shares this passion with our national directors).

Needless to say, we did not foresee COVID-19, but our Father did. And only He could foresee the tremendous harvest that would ripen when the entire world was forced to recognize its humanity and its need for a Savior.

And even as we recognize that now is NOT the time to be sending forth missionaries, our national directors and pastors are making preparations. Before missionaries can GO, they must KNOW the truth about the One whom they preach. They must be trained in sound doctrine. God has clearly shown us that this Biblical training isn’t just for pastors, but for the young people — this time of “incubation” is going to produce such a hunger in our youth, and so He is raising up youth to share the Word of God, including our teen mamas.

So many churches, in east Africa especially, have been shut down (6,000 in Rwanda alone) because their pastors didn’t have proper Biblical training or any kind of diploma or certificate. But the Lord in His kindness has provided the perfect curriculum for us through Harvestime Institute, and it is free and ready to be reproduced. Its founders created this curriculum (which is equivalent to a two year Biblical diploma for these village pastors who’ve never had the chance to be educated) for the very purpose of providing protection and training for churches in Africa, where false gospels so easily take root in places where there’s no other training available.

A fire has been lit in the hearts of our pastors to see God’s Word spread FASTER than this virus — will you pray with them towards this end? That the whole world might know that Jesus is King of Kings and Lord of Lords?

In addition to training up pastors and youth in Africa, we would like to invite YOU to train to be a missionary in your OWN backyard. This Harvestime curriculum is completely free (unless you would like to receive a diploma for it). You can either download all of the PDFs for free, and simply study with us, OR you can get a diploma at the end of it. (To do the latter, simply create an account for a mere $5, and then pay $7 for each exam)

Either way, by studying with us, you will be filled with the ANSWER that you need for the hope that you have (1 Peter 3:15), an answer that this world is CRYING for because of a plague it cannot explain.

The harvest is ripe. Even as we’re shut inside our homes, our minds can be actively feasting on the Word of God, and preparing for when we are able to go out and share the good news!

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