The Lulu Tree prevents tomorrow’s orphans by equipping today’s families through the local church — with the hygiene resources necessary for daily life.

Sadly thousands of young girls, including teenage mothers, across Africa are forced to miss one third of school due to not having access to simple feminine hygiene products. As a result many of them do not graduate and are forced into poverty.

At The Lulu Tree we supply the funds necessary for sewing reusable pads; our Lulu mamas then sew the pads and partner with the pastors in doing hygiene kit outreaches, not only offering life-saving feminine materials but also sharing the soul-saving news of Jesus Christ.





It is our desire not only to provide these very essential reusable pads which allow girls to continue schooling, or mothers to show their faces in public, but to boost the local economy by providing the funds to purchase the material locally so our own Lulu mamas can sew them. Bring honor to women in Africa today by providing a Lulu hygiene kit for only $7/kit.

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