Lulu Mama Kits

Providing hope for pregnant women in Uganda

Isaiah 40:11

He gathers the lambs in his arms and carries them close to his heart; he gently leads those that have young.

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Helping Mothers Bring Their Babies into the World Safely

Lulu Mama Kits provide hope to women in Uganda who are otherwise unable to deliver their babies in hospitals. Mothers are turned away from the hospital if they don’t bring their own supplies for childbirth, which many women can’t afford.

Without these necessary supplies, mothers are giving birth in unsanitary conditions or are forced to share supplies with others, often spreading and contracting the HIV/AIDS virus.

In addition to this, mothers who deliver at home without the proper sterile supplies are at high risk for infection, which often leads to serious illness or death.

Kits are distributed to mothers in need and with every kit, the Gospel is shared.

Women hear that God loves them and cares deeply for them and for their babies, and are told (often for the first time) that they are worthy, loved, and important in the eyes of God.

Mama Kits are a gift that shows mothers living in poverty that they matter, their children matter, and that they are deeply loved and valued.


Create Lulu Mama Kits With Your Friends or Women’s Ministry!

1. Choose a date and create an event that will be fun, prayerful, and full of fellowship.

2. Gather to assemble kits. Consider planning some time to pray over the kits and the women and babies who will use them.

3. Send kits to: The Lulu Tree Foundation Uganda, P.O. BOX 5344 JINJA UGANDA

Get the printable list of items to pack.