The Lulu Tree is a not-for-profit corporation with a 501(c)(3) charity status. Our dedication to outstanding stewardship stems from our commitment to sacrificial love.

The Lulu western team refuses any kind of financial compensation, intentionally serving as volunteers and investing all donations directly into front-line ministry. We are the first to give towards our Lulu Africa Family, partnering with them and donating our own time, talents and resources.

In 2019, 98% of donations directly benefited Lulu Africa families – the other 2% going toward admin costs (bank fees and charges). We strive to keep communication costs down by operating primarily online, and by covering admin costs out of our own pockets. Our goal is to give 100% of your money to our Lulu families overseas.

Lulu’s ministry operates fully on the grace of giving, relying on the Heavenly Father to provide as we advocate for His children. We do not fundraise; instead, we “faith-raise,” gathering weekly to pray in the resources. To learn more about faith-raising, please go here.

We are grateful to have received Guidestar’s Gold Seal of Transparency.

For more info on our finances, or to receive a copy of our annual report, please email

To learn more about the Lulu Vision, please go HERE.