Life in the slums of Uganda is very different from life in the villages. Raising a family in the slums is challenging, but when a mother is equipped with the means to start a small business she is able to provide for her family and rise out of poverty.

In partnership with the local church, The Lulu Tree distributes microloans to women in the slums who are struggling to provide for their families. The loans are administered by local pastors, who then receive and re-distribute loan payments and help recipients build their businesses. The loans kick-start businesses that help a mother feed, clothe and educate their children–thus providing not just improved quality of life for this generation, but hope for the next. Through growing small businesses that provide needed goods and services to others in the slums, these microloans bless not just individuals but entire communities.

Go HERE to provide a microloan for a woman in the slums of Uganda.