Will you help the church in Africa prevent tomorrow’s orphans by equipping today’s families?

We desire for 100% of your donation to go to Africa. That’s why we all volunteer on this side of the ocean, often covering administrative costs out of our own pockets so that the majority of your gift can be sent to the front-lines of the ministry. (Click to Continue Reading)

As stewards of your financial gifts, we are committed to supporting the following needs such as education, agriculture and microloans — but most importantly, we are committed to following the guidance of the Holy Spirit as He directs us and our national directors towards winning more souls to Christ and developing sustainable programs.

We’re honored to join you in supporting God’s faithful servants who’ve been doing this work long before we appeared, and who will continue it long after we’re gone — ministers who daily lay down their lives even unto death. We are simply coming alongside them, an honor too big to express, to encourage them in this sacrifice.

So, thank you. For joining us in this privilege of partnering with the African church.

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First, we seek to partner with pastors who are already trying to help their communities. By equipping them to both take care of their families, and to build up the church, the church then becomes the cornerstone of each village. To learn more, please click here.


Once the church is healthy and strong, it can then reach out and assist the local village through initiatives such as sustainable farming, maternal healthcare centers and FGM rescue, and gospel outreaches, amongst others. To learn where funds go when this happens, please click here.


When the village is equipped, individual families are then assisted through microloan programs and education for parents. As a result, the most vulnerable are protected. Communities are able to care for their own, in the name of Christ. To learn how your funds equip families, please click here.


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