The Lulu Tree is passionate about partnering with evangelical pastors across Uganda who have a heart for their people. These are men who have laid down their lives for their own people, and long to help them, yet have no means to do so.

We delight in coming alongside them and giving them a hand up by providing micro-investments for their businesses, business training, prayer and scriptural training, and microloan programs for their congregations.

Additionally, every six months our Uganda pastors are engaged in Truth Centered Transformation training — a Bible-based program which has brought over 500 communities out of poverty.

We want to see these shepherds able to care for their own families so they can, in turn, have the respect and trust of their community. Will you help us?

 We believe in local training…

 A Few of our Pastors

Pastor Peter and Mommy Robinah2

To learn about Pastor Peter and his wife Robinah, please go here

Pastor Richard and Mommy Mary

To learn about Pastor Richard and his wife, Mary, please go here

Pastor Steven and Mommy Irene2

To learn about Pastor Steven and his wife, Irene, please go here

Pastor David and Prossy

To learn about Pastor David and his wife, Prossy, please go here

To learn about Pastor Grace or his wife Annette, please go here.

We call him “Happy Steven.” He brings joy to all around him.

Pastor Richard Kazibwe who oversees churches in the slums of Makindye, and his wife, Esther. 

& their congregations …

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