The Lulu Tree prevents tomorrow’s orphans by equipping today’s families through the local church — and this starts by equipping the pastors so they, in turn, can care for their congregations.


  • Truth Centered Transformation Training in Uganda


Caring for Pastors

Many of the pastors we partner with in Africa have received limited to no training yet have received a clear calling from the Holy Spirit to serve their communities. To meet this need, the Lord has raised up monthly prayer clinics, business training for the micro-investments, provision of Bibles and devotional resources, as well as pastoral training through local ministries such as Truth Centered Transformation training.

It is also the prayer of both Pastor Sonnel in Sierra Leone and Pastor Francis in South Sudan to start up their own Theological Training School for Pastors.

Caring for Pastors’ Families

While the pastors we’ve met long to meet the needs of their congregations, they often can’t even feed their own children or send them to school. Prior to helping them help their congregations, the Lord assists these pastors personally through both micro-investments and training — that is, by providing capital for their small businesses, whether it be agriculture, business, or other, in order to help them supply for their loved ones. For example, in the South Sudan camps, Pastor Santos is training pastors to become tailors, in addition to helping them to farm and to hold down a business.

Caring for Congregations & Communities:

Once the pastor’s family has been equipped through a micro-investment, he’s then able to care for his congregation — his own life now serving as a testimony to the Lord’s provision and care. See images above for examples on how pastors are equipping their congregations in various countries.









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