We are honored to be partnering with Pastor Sonnel Kamara and Mommy Christiana, a godly man and woman who spent the greater part of their life overseeing 40 churches in Sierra Leone. God has given this barren couple a parental love for their nation.

The Lulu Tree is helping Sonnel and Christiana to fulfill the calling God has put on their lives, both by equipping men and women in villages surrounding the home, and taking in kids who have no parents.

Despite only receiving $100/month as a pastor, Pastor Sonnel was able, by the grace of God, to build a 9-bedroom family home in one of the most beautiful parts of Sierra Leone, which God then asked him to use to care for orphans.

In September of 2017, the home was completed and Sonnel began bringing in children who had neither mother, father, nor relative able to help them. He is also helping pastors in the villages to do the same thing — to take in local orphans — through the aid of The Lulu Tree. His ultimate prayer is to bring hope to a nation wracked by war, disease and flooding through the love of his heavenly Father.

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