The Lulu Tree prevents tomorrow’s orphans by equipping today’s families through the local church — with sustainable farming methods and tools.


Pastor Sonnel Kamara is from Sierra Leone and has an incredible heart for his people. Having overseen 40 evangelical churches, this humble farmer is seeking an abundant harvest for his heavenly Father. One of his greatest desires is to equip the local church by training up men and women to care for their own children. He does this by teaching them sustainable farming methods, by providing microloans towards tools and fruit trees for the men, and by involving the men and their families on his farm.

In addition to equipping Pastor Sonnel with a seeder, thresher, plow, trailer, cassava machine and a storehouse to keep the produce and tools, in November of 2017, a 1979 Ford tractor was donated by the California government. Sonnel and the village men are now able to plant acres of rice, cassava and fruit trees. They also lend out the seeder and the plow to surrounding areas in order to plant seeds of the gospel.

In January of 2019 a rice mill was provided and over four rice farms were threshed and harvested by local villagers, sustaining more than a dozen villages during the famine season. By 2019 the number had extended to 18 villages being equipped by Sonnel’s community rice farms.

As of November 2020, Lulu Tree Sierra Leone became sustainable after God allowed for Pastor Sonnel to purchase 35 cows. All glory to God.



Pastor Sonnel is just one example of countless pastors across Africa who are investing in their communities through sustainable farming initiatives.