South America

South America, fourth largest of the world’s continents. It is the southern portion of the landmass generally referred to as the New World, the Western Hemisphere, or simply the Americas.

God Led Us

He whispered “The Amazon” even as we prayed, and led us to a man who travels the rivers.

Miguel Zabala is a man of much passion and years, who spreads God’s love to hundreds of villagers in Venezuela. He has also trained hundreds of pastors in Harvestime. Recently God enabled us to provide Miguel with a second boat and motor so he can begin training up churches in Columbia.

In the near future, Lord willing, after traveling to visit him, we hope to assist the villagers with sustainable projects, as many are abandoning agriculture to work in the gold mines.

Partner with us

From the Heart of Miguel

I am very truly grateful to the Lord for His mercy and faithfulness to His Word. And we also thank God for the feeling of helping us that He has placed in the hearts of the Lulu Tree. For us it is a very great miracle on God’s part. Beyond this perspective, we are very identified with the ministry that you develop towards communities of extreme poverty. We have founded three congregations in Caracas, in very marginal areas, and we give them to other pastors, formed with Harvestime. The ministerial call that the Lord has given me is for very poor communities. I feel a lot of compassion for those people.




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