The Lulu Tree prevents tomorrow’s orphans by equipping today’s families through the local church — through educating parents.


We are proud to partner with Pastor Santos, the first pastor to found a church in any of the three refugee camps on the border of South Sudan. Read Pastor Santos’ story here.



Widely respected, Santos is an active reconciler amongst tribes and people groups. In 2016, before knowing anything about The Lulu Tree, this man of God and his team began their ministry by gathering regularly under a real Lulu (or shea nut) tree. We were so moved by this testimony and the fact that God led us to partner with him, nearly three years later.

Pastor Santos runs a training school for parents of all tribes to attend, where they can learn hairdressing and tailoring. Next-door to this school he also operates a free kindergarten for the children of these families. Santos is deeply involved in the pastoral and agricultural training of other pastors and personnel, and is greatly respected amongst the South Sudan camps. It is our desire to encourage and equip this man of God in helping him to help his people.