In 2018 the Lord told us to fast and pray for 40 days for Liberia.

Following the fast, the Lulu NA board asked Pastor Sonnel if he would go into Liberia and find a pastor to partner with. Through visions and prayer, Sonnel was led to the doorstep of Pastor David Zawu, a man who moved home to his village more than a decade ago to start a school for over 500 children, to oversee churches, and to start an agricultural and livestock program.

The Lulu Tree Foundation was registered as a local organization in Liberia fall of 2019. To learn of Zawu’s five-year plan for his church community, please go HERE. In short, it’s a plan that addresses:

Illiteracy – and the need to equip women with vocational training and then give them a microloan to help start their business.

Agriculture – the need for developing huge farms and livestock to sustain themselves through the hunger periods. In the forest they need man-power and power saws because of all the stone and rain-forest. They will be planting palm and cocoa.

Maternal deaths – they have no government hospital. Many women are dying in childbirth. Pastor Zawu would like to start up a birthing and medical clinic.