In 2016 the Lord told us to fast and pray for Sierra Leone for 40 days, and then introduced us to Pastor Sonnel Kamara, who along with his wife Mommy Christiana have taken in a number of orphans, and had been trying for years to help his people.  Sonnel’s vision is to reach all 150 villages in his region of west Africa through church planting, theological training for pastors, healthcare and agriculture.

Since then, God has provided Sonnel with two tractors, a thresher, a plow, a seeder, a storehouse, livestock, farm managers, and acres of land planted with rice and fruit trees allowing him to feed 18 villages during the famine season.

Meanwhile, seven churches have been planted, a medical and birthing center built, pastors trained through a six month course and pastor conferences that Sonnel facilitates; an FGM rescue ministry has been started, rescuing girls from female genital mutilation.

In the next couple of years Sonnel hopes to become completely sustainable, using the entrepreneurial tools the Lord has given him. He also hopes to start a Bible College for Pastors, and to plant hundreds of churches so that every village has a way to worship.