In 2018 the Lord told us to fast and pray for 40 days for South Sudan. Following the fast, Mommy Emily ran into her old team leader from four years earlier who told her about the needs in the South Sudan refugee camps. Lulu Uganda sent a team to the South Sudan refugee camps and eventually they met Pastor Santos, a man who’d built his ministry under an actual Lulu or shea nut tree. Pastor Santos  subsequently introduced Lulu to Pastor Francis across the border in Nimule. Both men are visionaries who are actively caring for hundreds of people — running schools, implementing agriculture training, starting microloan programs and adopting orphans.


Pastor Santos lives in one of six South Sudan refugee camps on the border of South Sudan, and carries a burden for his people. You can learn more about this father to the fatherless here.

This is a man with a tremendous vision for the six refugee camps he oversees. Here is his five-year plan for sustainability for the camps.


Pastor Francis is a good friend of Pastor Santos and a long-time minister who has his own Christian radio program in Nimule, South Sudan. An overseer of multiple churches, Francis is passionate about reaching his people with hope and love as they recover from five years of brutal civil war.

Here is Pastor Francis’ five-year plan for sustainability in Nimule & Mugali, South Sudan.