The Lulu Tree was born in the slum of Katwe, summer of 2014. There we partnered with mothers in churches, providing them with hairdressing and tailoring training in a renovated room that we rented just outside of the slum.

After about two years the Lord sent us to the villages to develop permanent roots.

The Lord gave us pastors with good hearts and a vision for teen mamas to go back to school; as He provided the vehicles, the school building, the dorms, the walls, the kitchens, the bathrooms, the bore hole, the livestock, and the land for farming, He set up His children in Uganda for exactly that — caring for their own people. 

We’ve been in the Uganda villages for about three years now. It is our hope that within the next two years the land will begin producing enough food to not only sustain the girls and their babies at the school, but to enable pastors to do their own outreaches within communities. As of this month, funds have been sent for the school to be registered as a community school. This will mean that they can open their doors to teen mothers across the country and parents will pay what they can to help offset the costs.  Meanwhile micro-investment projects are taking place — pastors are joining together to run a pig farm in the slums, and a kerosene shop in the villages. This will allow them to not only sustain their families but to help others.