Our goal, through engaging pastors in the TCT training, is to equip them with the tools they need directly from the Word of God to alleviate them and their communities both from material and spiritual poverty.

TCT is a five-year program, with modules every six months. Here, we will share stories per module, as our pastors apply what they are learning to the needs around them. We’ve taken the liberty of copying the reports directly from our Lulu Uganda national director Esther Tendo as she relays them through Whatsapp. To learn more about the pastors mentioned here, please visit THIS page.

May 2017 Acts of Love

[5-22, 8:23 AM] Esther Tendo: Pastor Henry reported that his community churches appreciated the training and started up a community church bag last week on Saturday they did a community sanitation outreach (cleaning community hospitals, schools and markets and streets)

[05-22, 8:36 AM] Esther Tendo: Pastor Soka reported that the churches in his community identified  needy people they visited their homes; they cleaned them ,removed jiggers from their feet, smeared cow dung on the floor of their houses, washed their clothes, gave out clothes. These were mostly old people who don’t have grand kids and have lost all their children. 3 churches participated

[05-22, 9:08 AM] Esther Tendo: Pr David Mununuzi and {astor Steven malinzi and the surrounding community  churches identified the burning need of a widow who was thrown out of her property after the death of her husband and she is a stranger in the community .she has a daughter who is a teen Mom so the pastors brought her daughter to the school of hope; she used to collect food from Mrs Mununuzi Prossy and the community churches want to contribute the little they have and buy iron sheets for the widow’s unfinished mud house.

[05-22, 9:20 AM] Esther Tendo: Pr seguja and the surrounding community church in his village plan to clean up their community most especially the trading center, the public toilets and the hospital in butagaya health centre.

[05-22, 9:23 AM] Esther Tendo: Pastor Richard is planning to visit the elderly people in the community and they have a bag collecting money to buy sugar, warm bedding and clothes. there will be 3 churches involved in this.

[06-08, 8:18 AM] Esther Tendo: Pastors Prossy and David Mununuzi and the community made for an old lady who has lost all her children and removed jiggers for the feet of her grandchildren. They went to her garden and tilled it and planted sweet potatoes for her family. Because they were many participants in this act of love, a large portion of sweet potato garden was planted. They also cleared her compound that had over grown to the extent of hosting snakes and rats; they later on burnt the rubbish and left.

[06-08, 8:24 AM] Esther Tendo: Pastor Henry did some community evangelism with cleaning at the same time. A witch doctor gave his life to Christ and then burnt down the shrines.