In February of 2017, a local pastor rallied together a group of born again teachers who were more than willing to divide their time between their day jobs and teaching teenage mothers who’d been rejected by the Ugandan school system.

A medical clinic was rented, and the teachers began volunteering their time, teaching girls from across the region who would come bearing their babies on their backs, eager for a second chance.

In May of 2017, two acres of land were purchased with the purpose of housing these young mothers during the school term, as they would often come from long distances  with their children, many on precarious boda-boda motorcycles. In many cases, it was these motorcycle drivers who would impregnate the young girls in the first place, so an urgency was felt to provide a safe place in which to allow said mothers to care for their young ones, and to study.

In July of 2017, Lulu began building a dorm for the teen mamas to stay in. It was completed in November when all 23 girls moved in, along with their babies, and caregivers or “aunties”, and an overseer or “matron”.

The first dorm, completed by spring of 2018. The Lord has now supplied enough funds to build second dorm spring of 2019.

The dorm kitchen/storehouse for wood and tools, completed summer of 2018.

A milk cow and her calf to provide milk for the growing babies.

Chickens to provide eggs for the teen mothers and children.

Bathrooms, completed summer of 2018.

The dorm wall surrounding 2 acres of bathrooms, dorm, kitchen and livestock, protecting the precious girls and their babies (and the mothers of these teen mothers, and Lulu pastors, who come to visit).

In October of 2017, the Lord provided a partner school (above) in walking distance from the dorm.

In March of 2018 the school was offered for purchase at $16,000 to The Lulu Tree, and two months later, God had provided the funds to purchase it.


God then provided over $30,000 in 2018 in order to renovate the school (with new roofing, doors, windows, floors, electricity, chalk boards, a rain water harvester, and bathrooms) in preparation for it to become licensed by the Uganda Ministry of Education.

In February of 2019, 15,000 women rallied together to raise over $45,000 for the School of Hope, allowing us to build a second dorm for the girls, a perimeter wall for the school protecting the students, a study/outreach hall, a bore hole for cleaning drinking water, and a school kitchen/energy-saving stove.



The new industrial energy-saving stove at the dorms

The new study hall (right) and second dorm attached to first (left)

The new expanded dorm

The new study / outreach hall

(and below, the new wall around the School of Hope)

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