The Vision:

To Equip the Villages of Africa with both Spiritual & Physical Food 


$150 for a micro-subsidy for the pastor, to equip him to care for his community through brick-building businesses, rearing chickens and pigs, farming, etc. 

$25 for an audio recorder with a USB flash so the pastor can receive Biblical training and the village can receive the gospel in their own language

TOTAL: $175/village

The goal? 

To first reach 10,000 villages with the gospel 


Following in the footsteps of the Church of Acts, our Africa national team prays about where to go, and then when God tells them where, they bring this micro-subsidy and audio recorder to that village.

The team then connects with the main pastor in that village and with the community, encouraging them and discipling them, in the hopes of drawing many to the Lord, and to the church.

Through a micro-subsidy gift, the pastor is able to invest in whatever tent-making skill he has so he can better care for the families in his church and community. Through the audio recorder, he is able to receive proper Biblical training through Harvestime Institute’s two-year audio theological course, and in addition, he can use the audio Bible recorded in the local language for outreach purposes.