Vision Statement

Preventing tomorrow’s orphans by equipping today’s families through the local church.

How We Implement the Vision

The Lulu Tree’s mission is to prevent tomorrow’s orphans by equipping today’s families through the local church. When the church becomes the cornerstone of a community, the downward spiral of poverty is upended as families work together to develop healthy, sustainable villages rooted in the love of Christ–and disciples are made in all nations.


This is accomplished by partnering with pastors so that they can care for their own families and their church families. Our efforts include church-planting, pastor training, micro-investments and more as we equip the local church to become the cornerstone of each village.


The church can then equip villages by providing community training through the church, including soap-making lessons, prayer clinics and community clean-ups, love offerings for the unreached, and health, hygiene and nutrition classes.


Individual families can then be helped through micro loans, business training, and educational assistance.


The most vulnerable are protected when communities are equipped to care for their own, in the name of Christ. Strong families with roots in the local church form the foundation for thriving, happy children.

The Tree Branches (Programs)

The REACH Branch

The Lulu Tree partners with pastors in villages to build up the five pillars of their communities: Retail (or small businesses), Education, Agriculture, Church, and Health.

The pastors oversee micro-loan groups in their churches and mentoring the women in the program, instilling a vision for productivity, strong families, and a God-honoring lifestyle, teaching them to problem solve and budget, and providing prayerful encouragement and accountability.

Everyone who enters to be helped is expected to help in some way or another. The longer they remain with the Lulu Tree, the more their level of responsibility is increased. We believe in equipping them to help others instead of creating a dependency.

The Lulu Tree pastors determine eligibility for participation in microloan programs – first by identifying, interviewing, and then selecting congregants who demonstrate need, integrity, transparency, honesty, and a willingness to receive feedback and critique.

The Lulu Tree is also facilitating Farming God’s Way ( and TCT training ( TCT is a locally provided Biblical training program for impoverished congregations created by the organization Reconciled World. Since its inception, TCT has helped take more than 300 communities out of poverty.

The Rescue Branch

The Lulu Tree also equips the church with a rescue program, allowing them to care for their country’s most vulnerable.

In Uganda, we’ve constructed dorms for teenage mothers and their babies, to help facilitate their education.
This program offers shelter and education to existing orphans, teen mothers, and pregnant women.

The Lulu Tree School of Hope partners with existing schools to reintegrate teen mothers into the educational system in a culture where they have traditionally been shunned as morally corrupt and bad examples to other young girls, even though most of them are manipulated into sexual relationships by men who take advantage of their poverty by promising food or school fees for sex. Our teen moms live in the Lulu Tree dorm with their babies and older women who provide care for the teens and watch their children while they’re in class. They are also discipled in their faith, encouraged to flourish in their gifts, and given opportunities to serve their community.

Bethel Home in Mambo Village, Sierra Leone, provides a place where abandoned or orphaned children are adopted and lovingly cared for by our National Director, Pastor Sonnel, and his wife, Christiana.

The Rescue Branch also offers emergency assistance to those in crisis, in order to prevent children from being orphaned and families from breaking apart. Outreaches are facilitated by local churches to earn the right to speak into their community’s lives and to develop long-term relationships.

The Lulu Tree gathers supplies for monthly outreaches focusing on the areas of education, nutrition, medicine, clean water, refugee relief, and more. These current outreaches are planned and implemented by the local churches.

“His intent was that now, through the church, the manifold wisdom of God should be made known to the rulers and authorities in the heavenly realms…” ~ Ephesians 3:10

You can make a difference

Discover ways you can partner with Lulu Tree and make a difference in the lives of the families in Uganda and Sierra Leone.