Where We Work

Burundi — This is the poorest country in the world, and the home country for our Director of Finance, Steve James. We are asking the Lord how we can help the people of Burundi. It is our hope that in the near future, we can not only start Harvestime, but also provide sustainable projects for the churches and villagers.

Columbia/Venezuela — This year (2023), we are beginning to partner with Pastor Miguel Zabala, who trains hundreds of villagers in Harvestime using the local rivers and a boat. We are helping him to purchase a second boat/motor so he can begin training up churches in Columbia. In the future, after traveling to visit him, and seeing his ministry firsthand, we will consider assisting the villagers with sustainable projects as many of them are abandoning agriculture to work in the colton/gold mines.

Guinea — We began working here with a pastor named Francois Haba in 2021; we’ve helped Pastor Haba with a microloan program, a motorbike, laptop, printer, and phone, a sustainable shop for him and his wife to run, and currently, with the Harvestime training.

India — We are currently funding tailoring programs in this closed country, in an attempt to share the Word, through a fellow brother and his wife. We are also translating Harvestime into Hindi with the hopes of training in it, in the future. At this time we will also consider how sustainable projects can fit in.

Kenya — We began partnering with Pastor Samson in 2020, and have assisted him with a vehicle, a printer, a laptop, phone, a maize farm which he shares with fellow pastors, a microloan program, and with the Harvestime program. At this point we are not sending any more funds to Kenya.

Liberia — We began working here with a pastor named David Zawu in 2018; we’ve helped Zawu with goats, a microloan program, a palm and coconut tree nursery, a palm oil machine, vehicles, a house, laptop, printer, phone, desks for the school he runs, and other things. Currently we are just sending funds once or twice a year to assist with Harvestime training.

Sierra Leone — The second country we were called to in 2016; here we partner with an entrepreneurial farmer/pastor named Sonnel Kamara. We’ve equipped him with tractors, buildings (churches, a birthing center, a home in which he cares for orphans), vehicles, equipment, pigs, goats, and cows, laptop, photocopier, phone, along with other things, and he is very nearly self-sufficient, so not much is needed to be done here. Sonnel is currently building a home, on his own, which he intends to gift to The Lulu Tree Foundation, and we would partner with him in using it to train up future church leaders for West Africa. Details are unclear at this point. Currently we are just sending funds once or twice a year to assist Harvestime theological training in Sierra Leone.

Sri Lanka — In 2022 we partnered with Pastor Russell Fernando in an emergency capacity, considering Sri Lanka’s economic upheaval and the starvation of many families. We are assisting 20 vulnerable mothers with sustainable projects, in addition to providing food baskets each month for one year. This program ends this fall. We are grateful that all of the mothers are learning Harvestime, and they have not requested any funds to do this, taking care of the teaching entirely on their own. Unless the Lord shows us to continue, at this point, this is a one-time partnership with Sri Lanka. But we are open to His direction.

South Sudan — We began partnering with Pastor Santos in the refugee camps in 2018, and assisted him with a school building for the many orphans he helps, with a home for the children from child-headed homes, with a pharmacy to help sustain him and his wife, with sewing machines for the tailoring program he runs for mothers, a van, laptop, printer, 40 cows, a microloan program, and land (rented), amongst other things. We also began working with his colleague, Pastor Francis, shortly after, in Nimule, South Sudan, and assisted him with an addition to his school, rooms for the teenage mothers, a microloan program, 40 cows and goats, a vehicle, a laptop, printer, phone, audio Bibles, amongst other things. We’ve also supplied sustainable projects for other pastors in South Sudan and in the refugee camps. We are no longer sending funds to South Sudan as they’ve been set up to become self-sufficient.

Uganda — The first country God called us to, in 2014; we are focused generally on teenage mothers here, and on training up pastors in Harvestime. Currently this is the only country in which The Lulu Tree Foundation owns buildings. We own a school, a farm with a farmhouse and two acres of land, as well as dorms, a study hall, and two guesthouses. The school and the farm are being used to help teenage mothers as well as vulnerable children, while the dorms/guesthouses/study hall are going to be used to generate income to run operations in Uganda. It is our genuine hope that after this year we won’t have to send anymore funds to Uganda.


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