The Lulu Tree began in Uganda, in the slum of Katwe, summer of 2014.

After about two years the Lord sent us to the pastors in the villages to develop permanent roots.

We’ve been in the villages for about four years now, and by God’s grace now oversee a school/training center, as well as dorms for teenage mothers who’ve been kicked out of school, and 12 acres of farmland. It is our hope that within the next two years the land will begin producing enough food to not only sustain the girls and their babies at the school, but to enable pastors to do their own outreaches within communities.

Our national Uganda team is passionate about the gospel and is focused on taking it to the remotest of villages, equipping pastors with microloans and audio recorders, allowing them to receive theological training and to share the Scriptures in their own language.


In 2016 the Lord told us to fast and pray for Sierra Leone for 40 days, and then introduced us to Pastor Sonnel Kamara, who along with his wife Mommy Christiana have taken in a number of orphans.  Pastor Sonnel is a passionate farmer from the villages who is now helping upwards of 18 villages through a birthing center, an FGM rescue program, multiple new church plants, numerous rice farms, fruit tree plantations, and theological training for pastors. In November of 2020, Lulu Sierra Leone became self-sustainable after God made a way for Pastor Sonnel to purchase 35 cows.


In 2018 the Lord told us to fast and pray for 40 days for both Liberia and South Sudan.

Following the fast, Mommy Emily ran into her old team leader from four years earlier who told her about the needs in the South Sudan refugee camps. Lulu Uganda sent a team to the South Sudan refugee camps and eventually they met Pastor Santos, a man who’d built his ministry under an actual Lulu or shea nut tree. Pastor Santos  subsequently introduced Lulu to Pastor Francis across the border in Nimule, South Sudan. Both men are visionaries who are actively caring for hundreds of people — running schools, implementing agriculture training, starting microloan programs and adopting orphans.


Late 2018, the Lulu NA board asked Pastor Sonnel if he would go into Liberia and find a pastor to partner with. Through visions and prayer, Sonnel was led to the doorstep of Pastor David Zawu, a man who moved home to his village more than a decade ago to start a school for over 500 children, to oversee 75 churches, to start an agricultural and livestock program, and to build a health center.