The Lulu Tree abides by these 12 principles:

  1. We commit to communicating our needs first and foremost to our Heavenly Father, and to doing this on a daily basis until the need is met.
  2. We do not ask for money unless the Lord has specifically told us to (receiving confirmation from other intercessors first, including the Lulu founder); when we do ask for funding, we ask with gentleness and respect.
  3. We keep a record of every need we have and every provision the Lord makes in accordance with said needs.
  4. We freely share about the Lord’s plans in regards to Lulu, as He leads, and invite others to join us, fully dependent on the Spirit to move in their hearts.
  5. We commit to prayerfully walking through doors the Lord opens for us, and refuse to force those doors open in our own strength. Every idea and initiative must be Spirit-led.
  6. We bring glory to God by publicly declaring all the ways He provides for us.
  7. We work hard using our “tent-making skills” (personal means of acquiring income) so we are not a burden on anyone, and to avoid any chance of being accused of taking money for ourselves, or for doing this work for any reason other than love.
  8. We commit to being transparent in sharing about Lulu, but do not “force” meetings, receive loans, or go into debt; we believe the Lord will place the burden on people’s hearts in His timing and for His glory.
  9. We do not make excuses for God or pay for Lulu expenses out of our own pockets (motivated by fear, vs. generosity) when God has told us that He wants to provide for that expense through someone else. Neither do we store up for the future out of fear (versus saving up for a particular need), trusting the Lord will supply our daily bread.
  10. We are creative in getting word out about Lulu without ever being conniving or manipulative. We do not use guilt or pity to gather partners or resources, and refuse to use pictures, videos, or stories of the women and children we are serving to emotionally manipulate potential partners. Instead we share what God is doing in a way that brings glory to God and honors those we are serving as precious mothers and daughters created in the image of God.
  11. We do not use money intended specifically for one purpose for another.
  12. We do not conduct ourselves out of fear, but out of the perfect love of the Father from whom every good gift comes.

To learn more about Faithraising and how it started, please read this blog post from Lulu Founder Mommy Emily. To learn about our commitment to Financial Integrity, please go HERE.