A path forward is found, not through providing resources to the poor, but instead by walking with them in humble relationships. ~ When Helping Hurts

About The Lulu Tree

Birthing Home

The Lulu Tree Bethel Home in Sierra Leone not only cares for teen mothers and orphans; it provides free and compassionate care for impoverished pregnant women.

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The Lulu Vision

The Lulu Tree believes Christ’s love can change the world. Our primary goal is to prevent orphans, poverty, and the destructive cycles that keep communities from thriving by demonstrating the power of God’s love.

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Teen Mama School

They had lost all hope. They’d been abused  by their teachers and thrown out of their classrooms for getting pregnant. Now they’ve enrolled in the first school of its kind in Uganda — The Lulu Tree School of Hope for Teen Mamas.

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Mama Kit Ministry

For the mere cost of a coffee, you can save the life of both a mother and her baby by providing a mama kit — a package containing the bare essentials for giving birth in a third world country.

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“He gently leads those who have young.” 

~ Isaiah 40:11

The Lulu Tree Teen Mama School Promo Video

The Lulu Tree is a not-for-profit corporation with a 501(c)(3) charity status.

Photography by Dani Cowan Photography and Jeanne Damoff